Uncle Dominic 4

Dominic…,” she moaned. He sat in this very spot last night and it still smelled like him. Her whole body quaked in arousal.

Libby tenderly kneaded her breast, her thumb rolling over her nipple until it stood rigid while her other hand moved down between her achy thighs to her damp heat. She stroked her two outer lips softly, occasionally teasing her slit, getting it nice and wet. She sighed dipping her finger into her slick heat. She pushed lightly into her channel then pulled back, circling the entrance then pushing a little further back in. She groaned.

Her clit engorged as she gently finger fucked herself, the taut red bud rubbing against her palm as more of her love juices moistened her loins. Libby took her diamond nipple, burning with need between her fingers and pinched it. Her slick walls clenched around her other pumping fingers in response.

Libby’s mind wandered back to watching Dominic milking his full, throbbing erection. It was beautiful. Cut with the swollen mushroom head proud and pulsating. A slight curve with veins lining the sinewy staff. It thrusted so smoothly through his rough palms, lubricated by his pre-cum that leaked from his crest like a fountain. Then to when he rubbed up against her. His breath caressing her skin making it erupt into goosebumps.

She fantasized about Dominic thrusting that magnificent piece inside her. She had never had sex before although she had been fingered and licked. She had also given a few blow jobs but no boy had ever seemed worthy enough to pop her cherry. Dominic was mature, sexy and made Libby so hot she had taken to cold showers to soothe the aching burn.

Unbeknownst to her, Dominic was watching. He felt his cock swell against his zipper on his slacks and pressed his palm into it to relieve some of the pressure. He growled low, smelling Libby’s arousal permeating through the air of the living room. Her musk was sugary and he licked his lips in anticipation of tasting that sweet pussy.

He watched her little pink tongue moisten her lips. Her mouth whimpering his name while her skin glowed with lust. He pulsed with masculine desire at the sound of Libby’s throaty low moans as she finger fucked herself, pinching her nipples until they were raw and rosy. Dominic’s body coiled, growing as taut as a bow ready to spring. But he held back continuing to rub his palm over his turgid bulge.

Then Libby cried out in passion. Her whole body arched high, her breasts thrusting, her hips pushing into her fingers. Then she collapsed. Libby took her cum soaked finger then sucked the juices off of it. Dirty girl. Dominic felt his cock throb. He knew it was wrong to want her. Jim was his best friend and Libby was an innocent but the divorce with Margo was getting uglier. He needed a release… He needed someone sweet and pliant…

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

Libby’s parents had gone away for the week to Florida. She was caught between elation and apprehension. Dominic had been sneaking secret touches and brushing past her in the hall way and Libby’s reason began to crumble with each scorching touch. On one occasion during dinner Dominic’s leg had trapped hers against the leg of his chair, keeping it there until dinner was finished. It felt like the longest dinner as goosebumps traveled up Libby’s leg to where she most ached for fulfillment.

Dominic was getting bolder. She took to calling him “uncle” Dominic more often as if to remind him of their predicament. But that only seemed to turn the older man on. So now Libby was alone in the house with her mature crush. She called her friends to set up a shopping trip and maybe stay over until her parents came home on Sunday. She had told Dominic all about it. His face was expressionless as he nodded.

But fate seemed to be working against her. Her friend’s Navy SEAL dad had returned home on leave unexpectedly and she wanted to spend some time with him. Libby was pissed but she knew how worried her friend had been about her dad who had been gone for several months. She didn’t tell Dominic, hoping he would be at work and she would work at just avoiding him.

Libby went out that day shopping anyway then came home with bags of clothes to see Dominic just as he was walking out of the downstairs bathroom shower, wet and wearing nothing but a towel. He flashed her that irresistible grin, his white teeth dazzling while his rigid ab muscles glistened.

“Sorry,” he chuckled, his damp shoulders shaking with his good humor. “I thought you’d be gone for the week. What happened to your friend?”

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

So here she was. In a situation Libby had hoped to avoid but now that she was faced with it all rational thought jumped out the window with a crash. She swallowed hard putting down her bags trying to act casual despite the blush surely painting her cheeks.

“She cancelled,” Libby ran her fingers through her hair, uncomfortable with the hungry leer of Dominic’s eyes. Those lascivious eyes and sexy devil-may-care grin had her nerves sparking with energy. “Family stuff. I didn’t want to bother you with it.”

“You could never bother me, Libby,” he said stalking over to her like a panther, a sleek jungle cat poised for the attack. His gaze made Libby’s breasts tingled and nipples pearl with excitement. She crossed her arms afraid that the older man with the velvet stare could see them.

Dominic moved carefully, waiting to see if Libby would retreat. She only averted her eyes, her cheeks flushed. She was so adorable. Her innocence was incredibly sexy. Libby licked her lips which made his cock jerk. He dreamed last night that those soft pink lips of hers were sealed around his iron hard shaft, suckling him until he exploded into that warm mouth.

“Libby…,” Dominic spoke her name, his voice hoarse with arousal.

“Uncle Dominic,” Libby spoke softly. She gasped softly at his touch. It was so electric. Threading his fingers through her long dark hair then Dominic pulled her into him without any effort. When their lips touched there was nuclear explosion. All the tension that had been building between them had been released in that single kiss. Libby drowned in Dominic’s taste, dark, carnal and sweet. Dominic’s own senses reeled when his tongue plundered the sweet softness of her mouth.

Libby’s hands explored his chiseled stomach, tracing the small bulges with tentative fingers, feeling them flex beneath her touch. Her legs felt like jelly. His lips were so gentle, brushing, sliding. His tongue exploring and tasting her pent up passion.

Dominic growled at her soft touch, a thrill surging down his spine at her response. He kept her head in place with one hand. His other was left hanging at his side, his fist clenching with the desire to reach up and pull her into him. He wanted to caress that sexy round bottom that he had watched bounce every time she skipped upstairs or bent over. But he held back. He didn’t want to scare her off.

Dominic’s tongue took to exploring her mouth, so hot, so soft, so sweet. Her tiny moans made his cock throb. He traced his tongue along her petal soft lips, sucking and nibbling on the bottom lip then returning to kiss her. Her lips were so pliant and soft beneath his kiss. He wanted to feel them all over his body.

“Libby, baby,” Dominic groaned.

“We can’t do this,” Libby pleaded yet her fingers had strayed to the knot on the towel. Her delicate fingers played along the towel’s edge. She looked down to see a tenting in the towel and made a small mewling moan. “You’re my dad’s best friend.”

“You’re not a little girl anymore, Libby,” Dominic peppered small kisses all around Libby’s face. He smiled at the sound of her shuddering breath. “We’re both consenting adults. And I’ve been having a hard time with this divorce. Being here with your family, with you has kept me sane.”


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