Uncle Dominic 3

Uncle Dominic…,” Libby begged. For what she didn’t know. The sensations hitting her were like nothing she had ever experienced with another guy. This was something primal. A basic need that consumed her and it took all her will power not to turn around and jump him. Libby kept rotating her round ass into his swollen crotch and smiling when she heard Dominic groan in need and he stopped touching her ass with his hand returning it to the counter on the side of her.

“It’s been awhile for me, Libby,” Dominic continued, his breath ragged and moist in her ear. “I’m glad I came. I’m glad you’re here.” He didn’t dare touch her with his hands again but kept their pelvises connected, rubbing against each other until Libby was sure she had soaked her panties.

“Hey, Dom! Can you get me a beer while you’re in there?” Libby’s mom called from the living room where she was snuggled up with Libby’s dad on the couch.

Reluctantly they parted. Libby refused to turn around though the temptation to watch Dominic’s sexy ass molded perfectly in his washed out denim jeans as he walked away was intense.

“Goodnight, Libby,” Dominic said but he was “Uncle” Dominic again. Not the lustful beast that was just rubbing up against her, their jeans creating a delicious friction against each other. His smell was still on her. That sinful cinnamon that Libby didn’t wash off to keep him close if just a small piece. That night Libby rubbed herself to orgasm twice remembering the rough hot feel of “Uncle” Dominic rubbing against her slender body.

But as she was coming down from her high she remembered the reality. Dominic was her father’s best friend. They had been friends since high school and he would freak if he found his daughter and best friend together. What would have happened if he had walked in on them in the kitchen? It looked innocent enough but her dad would have been able to read the lust on their faces.

Dominic was in his bedroom doing the same. He stroked himself until he was sure his balls were empty. It had been a year and a half since he had a woman. His soon-to-be-ex-wife, Margo stopped sharing their bed when their marriage hit the skids. She was paranoid that he was having sex with other women even though Dominic always remained faithful to every one of his past lovers. Cheating wasn’t his style.

He had always saw Libby as a beautiful, intelligent girl and the way she blossomed into a confident sexy woman astounded him. Dominic didn’t really see her as anything sexual before he started living in his best friend’s home. The more time he spent with her the more mature and gorgeous Libby became. He found himself getting jealous of her guy friends who came over and hugged her. Of the ones that watched her with that familiar male hunger. His stomach had twisted coldly watching her cuddle with a high school friend on the couch as they watched a movie.

Dominic growled in frustration. He shouldn’t want Libby. She was the daughter of his best friend. He would kill him if he found out. Damn it. But she smelled so sweet. Like sugar. Dominic could feel his cock thickening again remembering that slender yet curvy body pressing firmly against him. The way her ass ground back into his swollen crotch getting him throbbing and salivating with desire. The older man wouldn’t sleep at night until he completely emptied his boiling sac on the fresh linen sheets that he had to clean the next morning.

* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *

The next week Libby did her best to avoid Dominic who watched her with a predatory glare that made her cream liquid heat between her thighs. It seemed that Dominic didn’t have the same scruples as Libby thought. When she was home alone she felt a terrible fiery itch in her loins that needed relief. She settled herself on the couch. She pressed her face into the cushion and inhaled deeply.


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