Uncle Dominic 2

Libby watched. Her mouth agape and body crackling with naughty fire as Dominic continued to stroke and milk himself while watching her, a glazed look in his eyes. They were both silent. Staring at each other. Dominic didn’t seem as embarrassed as he should have been. He watched her in way he never had; sexual, erotic. Libby broke first muttering a “sorry” then quickly running up to her room shutting the door.

Her pulse was beating so fast her chest tightened. Libby struggled for breath trying to calm herself. Her panties were moist and a tingly heat coasted over her skin as the memory of Dominic masturbating seared into her brain. That night Libby did her best to act naturally as she ate dinner with Dominic and her parents. Unfortunately she was sitting next to him and her skin seemed to burn as he stole secret sexy looks at her.

Libby parents were in the living room watching the news as she washed the dishes. She could feel Dominic’s body heat as he stood behind her. Could smell the sweet sinful cinnamon and the sharp lemon grass soap he used. Her breath hitched in her throat.

“Hey, Libby,” Dominic spoke quietly. She cautiously turned around to face him. He towered over her and Libby shivered. She wanted to collapse into his strong masculine arms while he held her tightly, whispering to her with his rough sexy voice.

“I just wanted to apologized about earlier,” Dominic’s sensuous lips thinned as his angled cheek bones flushed a little. “I didn’t think anyone would be home so early.”

“It’s alright,” she flushed pink, her insides jittery. “Masturbation is a natural human urge. Healthy even. I do it too.” Libby almost bit off her tongue. What was she saying? This man was as close as any real uncle and she was talking about diddling herself with him??

Suddenly she heard a deep, smoky chuckle. Libby looked up to see Dominic’s infectious grin dazzling her. He took a step closer and Libby quickly turned around burning with the heat of embarrassment. Then she felt a jolt of electricity when Dominic pressed himself against her. His breath tickled her ear as he whispered, “How often do you do it, Libby?”

There was a lump in Libby’s throat. Her stomach twisted into knots as sweat formed on her palms. She emitted a small gasp as Dominic pressed his pelvis into her buttocks. Her whole back was lined perfectly with his entire front. His smell was overwhelming and the heat had Libby creaming her panties.

“Do you think about guys at school? At work?” he asked huskily. His hands were on either side of her, casing Libby in between him and the kitchen sink. Libby worried her lower lip. She didn’t want her parents to hear her needy whimpers. But she did grind her lovely round bottom back into her “uncle” and was rewarded with a satisfied grunt.

“Do you think of me?” Dominic’s lips played with her supple earlobe, nibbling at the soft flesh earning a breathy groan from his charge. “Naughty girl… Watching me stroke myself. Did it make you wet, Libby?”

Oh God it did. Libby wanted to turn her head and meet his sensual lips with hers but she kept her body facing forward. Her knuckles turned white with the strain to keep them from reaching for her. She wanted to run her hands over his lean, powerful forearms covered in gray hair. She knew how soft they were from their nonsexual hugs from before.

“Libby…,” Dominic buried his face into her hair and felt her tremble. “You okay?”

Libby nodded, words seemed to fail her as her nipples enflamed, puckering and pushing against the cotton cups of her bra. Suddenly she felt it. That thick, hard bulge kissing between the valley of her tight denim covered cheeks.

“You know what I’m going to be thinking about from now on?” he asked wickedly. “I’m going to be thinking about you watching me rubbing my cock. I’m going to think about this apple bottom ass as it grinds against me… oh baby…” He cupped her cheeks for emphasis and Libby almost bit her tongue to keep from crying out in want.


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