Uncle Dominic 1

Libby stared, her lips slightly parted in lustful wonder. Her dad’s friend; his hot, muscular DILF friend was standing before her in nothing but a towel reaching to his perfect strong hair matted calves.

“Sorry,” he chuckled, his toned damp shoulders shaking with his good humor. “I thought you’d be gone for the week. What happened to your friend?”

Libby shut her mouth with a loud snap. Heat crept up her skin.

“I don’t mean to stare…”

This was a fine pickle. “Uncle” Dominic, as she had often called him when she was 16, was before her in all his sexy masculine glory and she was getting a fiery ache within the deep recesses of her body just looking at him.

The dampness on his skin gave him a glow, a perfect picture of male power in every contour of his hard muscles. He looked good for a man in his early 40s. She herself was a tall girl with a slender body but her breasts were perfectly round medium sized mounds with a perfect ass to match. She knew she turned guy’s heads. And Dominic was giving her an appraisal that made her quiver in clear pleasure.

How did she get into this situation?

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Libby was 21 years old and was home for the summer until classes started in the fall semester when Dominic had moved in. He was going through a nasty divorce and his lawyer told him to lay low until they sorted out who would get the nice big house that Dominic had worked so hard on. Libby was the most enthusiastic. “Uncle” Dominic was fun and charming. His fun loving grin was always infectious. Those dazzling white teeth and the curve of his lips that almost had a sensuousness to them that made Libby’s skin tingle with a strange happiness. That should have been a warning to her.

The second was that he always smelled good, so good it made Libby want to be around him more. Cinnamon and lemon grass; sweet, fresh and tart. But when he worked out that sweetness was overpowered by the musky scent of salt and sweat. That musk of male had gotten Libby’s panties damp every time she came near when Dominic would work out in the basement where her dad had his own home gym.

And his rough hands. Libby was close enough to Dominic that they would hug when they greeted each other. Once she was wearing a sports bra after doing yoga out in the hot sun and when Dominic had wrapped her in his famous bear hug she felt his hands glide slowly along the slender curve of her spine. His hands were calloused and warm, rasping over her slightly moist back from perspiration and she had felt a surge of heat shiver to her very core.

The more they saw each other the more an electric tension seemed to grow between them. More often than not Libby would walk in on Dominic doing yard work in a tank top showing off his magnificent form. When he took his shirt off, Libby’s mouth watered at the perfect ridges and valleys of his body. For a man with salt and pepper hair in his early 40s “Uncle” Dominic was in the prime of physical fitness that every young man wanted.

He wasn’t outrageously muscular but enough to make any girl’s mouth water and her womb contract in primal response. Libby found herself staring at him while he moved in the yard or lean against the wall while listening to him shower imagining herself being drawn in and pressed against that masculine body. Then something happened that would propel their relationship to the next naughty level.

Libby came home early from work to find Dominic sitting in the living room chair stroking himself. Sweet Jesus. Up to that point she had wondered with a womanly curiosity what Dominic was packing under those pants. She had seen a slight bulge on occasion when they were close and talking. Heat crept into her cheeks and she licked her lips. It really was a fine specimen now that she saw it.

It was circumcised. Long and a bit thick with veins clearly visible and throbbing with lust. His hands glided over his iron length, head rolled back and eyes closed with his sexy mouth slack, uttering guttural sounds of arousal as he reached climax. Libby’s own pussy squeezed and dampened her panties as her dad’s friend groaned softly. But then he suddenly opened his eyes to see her standing there watching him. It was at that moment that Dominic came, spurting ropes of cum all over his hands and jeans.


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