Arresting Officer Final episode

I returned from my reverie, and smiled back. “You have no idea.”

“Poor baby! I’m not buying it… what’s going on in there?”, she said, tapping me on the forehead.

“Truthfully?” I asked.

Emily leaned in on the table, and rested her luscious breasts on the edge. Her neckline was not going to make this easier. “Always” she said.

“I was wondering how to keep you in my life. I guess I have grown accustomed to your face. Among other things”, I smiled, dropping my eyes to her cleavage. “I know I am moving kind of fast…”

“Fast is fine…” she cut me off. “So this has become more than just sex to you? Feeling something more?”. I took her hand. “Look… I’m a cop, and I might not come home tomorrow. I just need you to remember that. I’m not asking you not to get involved with me… I just don’t want you to get hurt…” she paused, and looked down. When she looked up, her eyes were moist, and her voice quivered slightly, “… because this has become more than just sex for me, too.”

We looked at each other in silence for a few minutes. I held her hand, stroking her soft skin gently.

“Damn! I told myself this wouldn’t happen to me!”, she whispered, breaking the silence. “You asked me out… and you were hot… and I thought ‘he looks like a fun fuck’, so I went home with you”. She was looking at me and smiling. “Then you turned out to be more than a fun fuck… you are an incredible fuck, by the way… you didn’t just use me for your pleasure. You actually cared about my pleasure, and I started to feel things… things I tried to deny feeling”.

I pulled her lips to mine, and kissed her. Her lips were soft and delicious, and they spoke to me about her feelings without saying a word.

“So, I guess no one will mess with me now. After all, my girlfriend is a cop!”, I laughed, breaking the tension. “Seriously, Emily… I understand what you are trying to protect me from. But I think Shakespeare had it right ; it is better to have loved and lost…” she nodded, “… and I am willing to take that chance, if the prize is getting to spend time with you”. I paused for a minute, trying to get up the courage to continue. I asked a woman with a gun on her hip for a date, point blank, but I wasn’t able to tell her I loved her. Somehow, that logic finally won out.

“I Love You”, I said, after I brought her chin up so I could look directly into her eyes. I wanted her to hear more than just my words.

Tears were welling up in her eyes. It only made me love her more. Thinking back to the first time I saw her, hand on her gun, slinking around my backyard,… she was all business. She was a Police Officer. Now, she was a woman… my woman… and vulnerable from within. I touched her cheek, just as a tear rolled down.

“I hope those are happy tears”, I said quietly. She nodded, and rubbed her face against my palm.

“I haven’t said this to anyone since I graduated from the Academy… but… I Love You, too”. The words came out, and her body relaxed, like she had accepted losing the battle with herself.

I suddenly realized where we were, and the parallels that happened the last time we were here. I laughed. Emily looked at me questioningly.

“I was just thinking that this is now officially my favourite restaurant on the planet! The last time we were here, we ended up in bed immediately afterwards. I hope I’m not being presumptuous, but I think history is about to repeat itself”, I explained.

Emily smiled. “No… I don’t think you are being presumptuous at all. You are soooooo going to get fucked when we get out of here”. She brushed a loose hair away from her face. “I think I call this our lucky restaurant. I know I feel lucky”. Another smile beamed from her beautiful face. “Now, my love, shall we?”.

We walked arm in arm out to the car. Emily took her seat, and as I closed the door, I realized that I not only got the girl, but the car as well. Once I had taken my place behind the wheel, I turned to her and giggled.

“Okay, what’s so funny?”, she asked.

“Oh, I was just wondering how this car will look with ‘just married’ on the back?”, I replied.

She laughed back. “No presumption there!”, she added. “I just have one request…”.

“Anything for you, my darling”.

That day, I get to drive”, she said, smiling from ear to ear.


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