Arresting Officer 9

Didn’t your mother teach you to share?” she asked, joining me in the cleanup. “Mmmmmmmmm. Yummy.”

Within five minutes, she was fully dressed again, reloading her weapon before snapping it back in her holster. I walked her to the door. She reached up and gave me a deep, passionate kiss.

“Thank you, baby. I really needed that. After last night, I was so fucking horny. Now, the really good news is that I am off for the next two days,” she raised her eyebrows, “so… would you like a guest?” she asked hopefully.

“I can’t think of anything that would make me happier,” I said as I kissed her again.

“Wonderful! I will swing by my place and pick up some things after work, and should be here around 6. Should I bring us some dinner?” I nodded. “Okay. You go take a nap, and I will be back before you know it. Besides…” she cupped my crotch with her hand, “… you are going to need all the energy you can get!”

So, I did what she said. I took a nice four hour nap. Then I had a shower, and put on some clean clothes. I heard the rumble and whine of a Supercharged engine pulling into my driveway. I raced down the stairs like a little kid, and ran out to meet her. She was pulling a small duffle out of the trunk. Two large pizza boxes sat on the roof. I grabbed them and we headed inside.

“I didn’t know what you like, so I got two.” she said, dropping her bag on the floor in the kitchen.

“I like you” I said coyly.

“And I like you, but I was referring to the pizza.” she replied.

“Yeah, I guess they don’t have ‘ 5’9″ Goddess ‘ on their menu. ” I teased.

She blushed “Why, thank you, baby. And, no, I am not on their menu… but I am on yours!” she said, taking her place in my arms and kissing me. Her tongue duelled with mine. I had one hand on her breast, while the other held her ass. “I am also famished. Let’s eat while it’s warm”.

“What I want to eat is always warm,” I replied with a wink, “… and wet.”

She blushed again, but continued to pull plates from the cabinet.

About 20 minutes later, she was finishing her sixth slice.

“Where the hell do you put it? It sure as hell doesn’t go to your ass, which is perfect, by the way.” Emily just laughed and cupped her fabulous boobs. “If that’s where it goes,… can I get you another slice, or two?”

“Aha! So you like big tits, do you?” My turn to blush, now.

“Yes, I like big tits… But I love your big tits!” I turned the blush back to her.

We spent the next hour on the couch, snuggling in each others arms, petting and making out like teenagers, even watching a little TV. We talked about favorite music, foods and movies. I told her about my movie collection, and she perused the cabinet which held it.

“I don’t see any porn.” she teased. “I know you have some.”

“Oh… Yeah, well, that is stored in, umm, another location.” My blush again.

“Do you mind if I have a quick shower?” she asked as she picked up her bag from the floor.

“Not at all. You know where it is.”

I gave her some time to get herself ready, while I cleaned up the kitchen. I then went back to watching TV for a few minutes, killing time. I finally decided to go upstairs after her. As I reached the top of the stairs, I heard a familiar moan coming from the bedroom.


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