Arresting Officer 11

Well… grade this one! “I placed my hands under the cheeks of her ass and picked her up, while standing up myself. I lowered her onto the table on her back, and began to thrust into her without remorse. I fucked her hard, and in this position, I had lots of leverage on my side. I pounded her pretty, wet pussy with full length strokes. She began to wail as another orgasm ripped through her body. I didn’t even break stride. I had my hands grabbing her hips, pulling her to me as I slammed her cunt. She kept cumming, and I kept fucking. The hot, rippling flesh of her pussy was getting to me, but I kept thrashing her. I could feel the kettle coming to a boil, but I kept fucking, and she kept cumming. Little squeaky shrieks escaped her lips in a constant stream as her orgasm continued. Finally, I exploded. Hot semen rocketed out, filling her pussy to overflowing. I spent my last few strokes, my plunging cock squeezing the mixture of our juices, so that pressurised jets of goo squirted out her. I could see a mop in our future.

I held her waist, trying to catch my breath. Her body was slick with sweat, and she was gasping desperately. She looked up at me and grinned. She held up one finger on her left hand, followed by four on her right. She saw the mildly disappointed look on my face.

“Don’t… add! …Two… digits!” she breathed with a sexy smile.

Oh, I get it! Not 5…First digit 1 and second digit 4…14! Bonus points! I smiled back.

My dick had softened to the point where it slipped wetly out of her pussy, followed by a stream of our combined cum that puddled on the floor with a splash. Sometimes, sex can be so messy.

Emily was listening to the wet, dripping sounds coming from below her. “That felt incredible, but it sounds disgusting! I think I will stay here until I stop flowing, so I don’t leave a trail through your house.”

A minute or so later, she was done. We leaned on each other for support, and headed up to the shower. We washed each other with care, paying special attention to certain areas. By the time we had dried each other, I was hard again, and Emily had that look in her eyes.

We rolled into bed together, in a full body embrace. Our lips and tongues were fully engaged. I rolled over on top, and slid into her. Emily groaned as I went deeper, then deeper still, until I was fully inserted. She was puffing and panting.

“Gently, please. My kitty is a bit sore, especially after that last one.” I looked at the expression on her face. I didn’t need to cum again, and probably wouldn’t, unless something exceptional happened. This was for her pleasure. She saw the look of concern on my face. “Oh, you are so sweet!” Her hand caressed my face, “I love that… but don’t worry. If it gets to much, I promise I will tell you. I just want one more orgasm.” she smiled. “So… don’t stop, … just don’t kill me! “

My concerns assuaged, I began to stroke her slowly. After a few minutes, her hands moved to my ass, pulling me in a bit faster. Her face was relaxed, eyes closed, and her mouth was slightly open, moaning quietly. A few more minutes, and her legs came up around my hips, spurring me faster. She was breathing hard now, her moans louder as her excitement increased. I fucked her a little harder. Her pussy may have been sore, but that didn’t mean it wasn’t juicy. Warm chick-slick coated my shaft, and dripped down my balls.


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