Arresting Officer 10

Please?” she asked, wiggling her butt excitedly. I slowly pushed the vibrator in, until just beyond halfway. Emily was moaning loudly, and when her ass seemingly sucked it the rest of the way in, she really got excited. “Ohhhhhhhhhh yes! Now stick your cock in me!”

I did as requested. Her pussy transmitted to tingle of the vibrator to my dick. A very interesting feeling. I grabbed her hips and began to fuck her. Gentle went out the window as the vibrations started to get to me. Emily was cumming again, but this wasn’t a shudder and a moan. It was a firm, sporadic clutching of her hot cunt, and a scream. Actually, several screams. I was pounding her hard, she was cumming and screaming, and the vibrator was buzzing happily away. I could sense that the end was near, but I had been buried in her pussy for almost an hour, so I was more than ready.

I slammed her one last time and started to cum deep inside her. The extended lovemaking and the vibrator resulted in me having a huge load to deposit. I ground my cock home while I sprayed her insides, and my cock twitched for about a thirty seconds. I was grunting like an animal, and Emily was still shrieking and quivering. Finally, I couldn’t hold myself up any more. I fell back on the bed, and my cock pulled out with an audible ‘pop’. My cum gushed out of her gaping pussy as her orgasmic spasms squeezed it out. She reached frantically between her legs for the little tail of the vibrator, and yanked it out of her ass, collapsing on her stomach. Only then did she stop screaming.

“Too much… too many… Need to breathe!!” Emily moaned in ecstatic agony. I must admit, my own orgasm was devastating. I can’t imagine how she must have felt. She must have cum ten times, counting the last earth shattering one.

Between the two of us, we did manage to help each other get to the bathroom for a very necessary shower. We then changed the sheets, dumping the cum soaked ones in the laundry. We then slept like the dead, holding each other snugly.

I woke before Emily did. She had rolled away from me, and was curled up in the sheets on her side. Her hair was a tousled mess, but she still looked like a peaceful, sexy angel. I laid there and watched her sleep for a while. I could get used to having her in my bed.

I carefully rolled out of bed, so I wouldn’t disturb her. I pulled on some shorts, and went downstairs. About an hour later, I was puttering around in the kitchen, when I heard a voice behind me.

“Good morning. It is still morning, right?”

I turned. Emily was leaning against the doorway, naked, her head tilted over. Her long hair hung over her face.

I looked at the clock. “Just barely. Can I get you anything?”

“Please. Some coffee? Maybe something to eat? And then, I think I’d like some more of your cock.” she was grinning at me through her dishevelled hair.

I went about making us some bacon and eggs, and delivered a coffee to her at her seat at the table. She sipped the warm liquid and tried to untangle her hair with her fingers. Momentarily, she disappeared, then returned, having run a brush through her hair, and restrained it into her pony tail. She looked much more awake now.

She was still naked, though. Naked, and lightly grazing the delicious curves of her breasts with her fingertips, while she waited for breakie. Her fingers made the occasional sojourn south of the border.

I brought two plates over to the table. As I approached, she clapped her hands.

“Ooo, goody!” My hands were still full of plates, but she tugged my shorts down, freeing my hard cock (I know I had been cooking, but I had a perfect view of a naked goddess the whole time, so, of course I was hard). Her lips wrapped around the head, and she bobbed on my shaft a few times. I put down one plate and placed my hand on her head, moaning my obvious approval of her technique.

“Sit please,” she said, patting the chair beside hers as she removed my dick from her mouth.

I did as she asked, putting the other plate down beside the first. Emily then straddled me, facing away, and reached between her thighs. She slowly lowered her dripping pussy over the head of my cock, manipulating her hips until I was fully ensconced in her warmth. She began a slow ride, her hips doing long strokes on my erection, while she ravenously consumed the contents of her plate. She was multitasking in a way I wouldn’t have thought possible. Suddenly, her hips stopped moving.

“I am being so rude! I apologize!” she giggled as she pulled off my cock. She spun around and straddled me again, lowering her pussy and fully impaling herself. She dumped the contents of the plates together on one. “Community plate.”

Emily began to ride me again, while feeding me scrambled eggs and bacon with her fingers. Little bits of egg fell from her fingers onto her breasts, where I felt compelled to do clean up duty. Soon, she was placing the eggs on her nipples by design, alternating breasts with each bite.

The contents of the plate were gone, so she put it on the table, allowing her to concentrate on the serious business of fucking. Now, she really started to ride me harder, and her beautiful breasts took on a life of their own, quivering and bouncing freely before my eyes. Her breathing was getting faster and more laboured. Her nipples were dark red, and standing tall. A deep flush spread across her face, neck and chest, announcing the approach of her orgasm. I looked directly into her eyes, and they rolled back as it hit her.

Emily’s head snapped back. A moan started in her toes, and raced up her body like a locomotive before exploding from her mouth. She shuddered, quivered, and spasmed. Eventually, her breathing eased. A smile crossed her face, and she milked my still hard cock with her vaginal muscles.

“Now, on a scale of one to ten that was a…” I ventured.

“Six. Last night was a bunch of fives and sixes, with one, oh, let’s say fifteen! I give our first night, … the one where I passed out … a twenty nine! ” she was wriggling her hips, grinding her clit against the base of my cock, and grinning lasciviously.


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