Augusta’s Fantasy 1

Augusta made her startling confession one night after we had been drinking all night at the Legion.

Augusta was an attractive twenty-year-old workmate of my wife’s and frequent drinking buddy of ours.

The dark hair Portuguese girl was extremely well-endowed with a dynamite body she liked to display under tight-fitting provocative clothes.

She would tease the guys at the Legion getting up to dance, moving suggestively doing her bumps and grinds.

Augusta was engaged to be married to a Portuguese boy that had been pretty well arranged by her parents.

It was three months before her nuptials she blurted out her secret fantasy. Right there at the table in front of my wife she said she fantasized about being raped and treated like a whore by her attacker.

We were amazed by this secret fantasy Augusta was harboring.

Augusta went on to explain she would like her rapist to be someone she knew so she could enjoy the ordeal.

My wife looked at me knowing what I was thinking. Here was an invitation to fuck a pretty, young beauty fifteen years younger than me.

The conversation moved on to other fantasies the girls had but the wheels in my mind had already started turning.

First, where would I rape her? Augusta still lived at home with her parents, not a suitable location to fuck their daughter. Perhaps I could lure her to our place on some pretense?

It was a few days later I made the call.

My wife was out of town visiting her parents for the weekend and I had the house to myself.

I called Augusta and asked her if she would come over to help me doing some laundry.

It was a lame excuse but perhaps Augusta twigged-on to my plan, she said she would be over within the hour.

I went through the motions of gathering up some clothes that needed washing and carried them in the laundry basket to the laundry room.

I was ready.


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