Paid In Experience final episode

Well you’re the boss” I say as i readjust on the bed.

“I’m the boss” She replies as she moves to straddle my abdomen.

There is no foreplay. No oral. No real hand play. Not this first time. She doesn’t need it. I can feel the trail of sticky wetness she leaves from by belly button down past the V of my hips as she moves her body along mine, then squishing it against me with her belly as she positions herself. It feels like she is marking me as hers. I watch her body move and contort as she mounts me, feeling her fingers reach down to line me up with her wet, waiting hole, then collapsing against me, both gasping as she plunges my penis as deep into her body as she can in one hard twist of her hips

She places her hands on my shoulders and rolls her head back as she thrusts me into her again and again. I watch her face as her eyes roll back. I can angle my face to suck on her breasts occasionally. I look down and see past her stomach to watch her lips engulf me, everything past the hips becoming sticky and wet with her excitement.

Neither of us last long that first time. After a few minutes I tell her she needs to slow down or shes going to make me cum. Instead she closes her eyes, lays her whole body down against mine, and begins to hump me as hard as she can.

“Cum. I want you to cum in me,” she grunts into my ear. I lose my mind hearing her words. Every sense is heightened as I orgasm. I feel our sticky, sweaty bodies sliding against each other. I feel her hair against my face and chest. I feel her pussy sliding wetly up and down my penis while her wet curly hair gently scrapes around me. I feel her begin to squeeze and contract around my shaft. All this in the instant before my body seizes up, every muscle contracting as i explode deep into her body. She presses her hips down, forcing me as deep inside her as she can as I pump her full of my cum, moaning and squeezing me as her legs begin to spasm and shake.

Afterward she climbs off, leaving me laying there covered in her cum from my hips down to the upper part of my thighs, penis smeared with the white residue she left behind. I am shocked when she moves down my body and licks by softening erection clean. After cleaning up more we lay in bed talking for several minutes, laughing at our situation and talking about work. But soon, she puts her hand down beneath the sheets and begins stroking me. I am still recovering a bit, but not fast enough. She leans under the covers and takes me into her mouth. We have the room all evening, and she is ready for round two. After sucking me for a minute or two so am I.

I would go on to give myself to her several times a week for almost a year. We had to get creative and adventurous at times, but it made.


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