Pacific Princess final episode

As he feared James feels very close to erupting inside her. He grabs her ass & pushes her further onto his dick, deeper & deeper into her warm soft cunt. Smacking her ass hard he shouts into the room:

“Oh fuck you’re so fucking hot, fucking hell god I’m gonna fucking cum inside you I’m fucking cumming.” A soft reply:

“The only sin is shame”. James is too preoccupied with lust to realise at first but eventually some clarity settles:

“What did you say?”

“The only sin is shame.”

“What does that mea oh FUCK I’m really fucking close I want to fill you with my cum oh god I’m gonna fucking explode” Staring at her huge tits bouncing back & forth & grabbing them hard, she grinds hard on his thick cock, they’re both nearly there & her cunt tightens around his prick which twitches & swells before finally he unleashes his orgasm inside her, holding tight onto her heaving tits as he shoots waves of cum into her tight pussy. She slowly grinds against his slumbering dick while rubbing her clit, James breathing heavily while gently stroking her breasts.

They’re sweaty & sticky & the room smells of sex but as James lays his head on the pillow he can still hear the rumbling. It’s reduced in volume but it’s still there humming like a fridge. The beautiful & mysterious stranger who a matter of hours ago (although it could be days, it’s impossible to know) climbs off him & starts to slowly rub his cock which now lays spent against his thigh.

“Oh sorry I’m not sure I’m up to any more, it might take a while. Maybe tomo” The rumbling gets louder & heavier & his apology is cut off by a stirring from somewhere inside himself. He looks down at her hand stroking him, her insatiable eyes, her breasts hanging heavily & resting against his leg & his cock is somehow hard again. Only once during the peak of his teenage masturbation binges did he manage this level of sexual stamina & he feels reborn, his old skin peeled away to reveal his new self.

She climbs on him & turns round & they start to 69, James grabbing her ass & pushing her wet hot pussy against his face, the warm scent of her hunger overwhelming him as she fills her mouth with his revitalised prick. They grind & push against each other, James smacking her ass cheeks hard & pulling them open so he can slide three fingers into her asshole while eating her dripping cunt as she deep throats his spasming cock & squeezes his balls harder & harder, pain blending with pleasure & all the while the rumbling roars like a waterfall.

James’s fingers fuck her asshole faster & faster as he licks her soft cunt & he’s about to explode into her mouth as she flicks her tongue over & around the head of his cock & he’s at the point of no return as she slides her asshole off of his fingers. She takes his hand & sits him on the edge of the bed. Kneeling between his legs, her gorgeous eyes controlling him, she asks:

“Do you want it between my tits?” He’s shocked & for a split second it feels like the walls fall down & he’s drifting in space back to his hated old self, his antiseptic life, a waking death he’s happy to see the back of. Then the rumbling brings back his overwhelming desire & he thinks he says yes but it could’ve been an unspoken affirmation.

She holds her boobs either side of his eager cock & closes them around it. The sight which has haunted his subconscious is there before him & it doesn’t feel perverted or wrong. It feels incredible. She clutches her huge tits tight around his dick & pumps them up & down, the hardness of his prick against the supple softness of her heavenly breasts is a liberation his latent self has been crying out for & he can’t contain himself.

“Oh fuckkkkk oh your tits feel so good, god they’re so fucking good”

“The only sin is shame” she softly whispers into the charged air of the cabin. The rumbling grows to a sustained crescendo & James is laying back looking at his cock being fucked by the most extraordinary tits he’s ever seen, ever imagined.

He remembers Julie & how he’d wanted to be with her so much, how his reserve had destroyed a night of mutual pleasure, he remembers being a teenager watching women on the beach & wondering why their bikini-clad bodies made his stomach drop & his mind lead him to hours lost to nothing but masturbation. He also remembers one feverishly hot afternoon spent watching his busty neighbour sunbathing in her garden & how his teenage lust had made it possible to cum twice in a row. It was considerably more intense the second time and as he stares at his saviour expertly titwanking him he knows the same still applies.

The rumbling seems to shake the walls as her tits thump up & down on his desperate cock & he knows he’s there.

“Oh god oh I’m fucking cumming I’m gonna cum all over your tits oh FUCK”

She holds her boobs up as he strokes himself to orgasm & shoots hot cum all over her immense cleavage. It drips down between her breasts as he slumps back on the bed, exhausted & ecstatic. The rumbling has stopped & the sensual world has come rushing in. The room fills with oceanic swells of scent & sound, a limitless sea of exploration & possibility. It’s like having every sense switched on at once & he bathes in the blissful swell of the ocean, the clean warm air, the scent of childhood holidays coming back to him from some slumbering corner of his subconscious. He cannot keep his eyes open, he’s returning to the ocean, back to the beach, cannot keep his eyes open, cannot keep his eyes open, cannot keep his…


James wakes up in his cabin to sunlight pouring across his bed. Blinking & stretching as he opens the curtains to a shimmering Pacific expanse he slowly pieces together what he thinks happened last night.

Out on the deck laying in shady cool & sipping his drink James lets his paperback fall across his chest & watches sea birds glide through a beautiful azure sky. Life swirls around him & the ship moves imperceptibly on to its next destination.


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Certified Web designer, Computer/Internet Enthusiast. I believe in Creativity. Proudly The CEO Of

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