I’m His 3

He smiled with a knowing look at Celeste. “I want you Celeste. I want your beautiful body and I want to dominate you to show you my power, but I also want your passion. I’m demanding it. I want to show you everything you’ve missed and for you to feel the exhilaration that comes from letting all your inhibitions go. Are you ready?”

Abandoning who she thought she was, she nodded eagerly her answer.

So here she was, with this Casanova who had already fucked her best friend senseless and was preparing to give her the same treatment. She was still nervous, but as she thought of her disappointment of a husband and of her yearning for the fulfillment promised by this man, she also realized that this man-god wanted HER and was most probably going to be able to uncover all the hidden base, carnal secrets inside her that she didn’t even know about. Now a feeling of confidence began to rush through her. She felt her own power as she realized he had chosen her. She was being given a chance to be his equal, to take as much pleasure from the pure, raw sexual use of his body as he would surely take from hers. Was she lucky? Yes, but so was he, and she was going to show him just how lucky.

She slies off the bed onto her knees and reaches up to caress his stomach with her delicate fingers. She kisses him just above the waist, barely able to contain her urge to rip off the last piece of clothing between them. Her fingers hook his waistband and gently pull down. Inch after inch of his beautiful cock is unveiled. She let out a gasp when it finally pops out from the last bit of elastic constraint. She has never seen a cock this size before; it has to be nine inches long and the girth is impressive. She looks up and meets his eyes commanding her to proceed. She will obey without question, for she wis his woman now, all his. She confidently leans forward and gently kisses the head of his beautiful weapon. She licks her lips, and realizes that she is going to have the night of her life.

Not wasting any more time, she grasps the heavy, dangling instrument of her soon to be torture and ecstasy with her tiny hand and with a coy glance upward, slips the end of the pink rod of flesh into her mouth. Sucking his cock is thrilling. It gives her a heady sensation she has never known with another man. The more excited she becomes, the harder she envelopes the thick meat with her greedy lips and the harder she strokes. His cock is gigantic now, and rock hard. Her mouth is stretched open to engulf the growing circumference. Any lingering inhibitions are gone now, and she is working in a frenzy. Licking and sucking his dick and balls, she finally makes him moan. “You just bought your ticket,” he grinned. “Your turn.”

He picks her up, lays her on the bed and pushes her legs apart. She closes her eyes and waits. Then she feels it: his warm, wet tongue as it strokes her clit for the first time. Heaven. She opens her eyes to watch him as he seems to eat her pussy in slow motion, devouring it with his mouth and then licking up the wet reward. He is a connoisseur of pussy, and he is savoring every mouthful of hers. Now it’s her turn to moan. His tongue, like everything else, is perfect for this kind of work. He is relentless in his attack, working her anatomy in expert ways that she would have thought only another woman could know. With her fingers running through his hair and his large hands palming her breasts, the pace is frenetic now and she has started to convulse. He works her harder still, eliciting whimpers and finally screams as her entire body seems to be quaking. “I’m cumming,” she strains between fast breaths. And in a transcendent moment, she erupts. To her surprise and delight she squirts four or five jets of her cunt juice right on him. He greedily licks her pussy, hunting down every trace of her sweet nectar. He licks her clean as she lays writhing in pleasure, the convulsions ebbing as she regains her breath.

Not content to let her recover, he spreads her pussy with his fingers to make way for his engorged prick glistening with precum.. But she stops him, turns over and pushes him down. “Your turn,” she lets him know emphatically. Now she is working his cock again, harder than before. With fierce tenacity she sucks him until he can stand it no longer. She has never tasted cum before. She really never had a desire to dabble in what she has always considered a distasteful side of sex. But now it’s different. She is overcome with an uncontrollable urge to taste his raw power on her own lips. There is a hint of that girlish fear again, but her animal desire to feel his manly essence on her tongue is overpowering. It is her turn to feed. He sits up as she kneels beside the bed and strokes him to a explosion of hot creamy cum that shoots right into her mouth. There is so much that it fills her mouth and runs down her chin. She savors his salty taste and swallows, then goes back for more. Like an addict who can’t satiate her hunger, she can’t resist him. She nibbles and sucks the end of his cock like a voracious vacuum, coaxing the shots of jizz that are still in his shaft. When she’s licked him clean, she looks him in the eyes as she wipes her chin and licks her fingers clean.

Now she feels like the animal Sam talked about, free and hungry and unrestrained to do anything to feed the growing flames of lust that are consuming her. She jumps on top of him and rubs her slick pussy up against his more than receptive cock. It’s only been about five minutes since this stranger spewed that wonderful, sinful load in her mouth, and he’s already as hard as iron again. He smiles at her, seeming to know her very thought. “There’s plenty more where that came from,” he promises. She knows he’s not boasting. But she also knows now that she just might be the woman to take him to his limit. She resolves that she will plumb the depths of her physical, mental, and emotional wells to make him go further than he has ever gone with any other woman.

She rises slightly until her delicate pussy lips are poised to kiss the head of the pulsing flesh below. Moving forward, she slowly puts her weight on his tip and lets out a groan of evil pleasure as his incredible, throbbing cock penetrates the tight, wet opening inside. His size makes her feel the brief pain of a virgin who is being invaded the first time, and in so many ways she never could have conceived, she really was a virgin, until now. Sliding deep within, he begins to slowly work the steel piston of this finely tuned engine the two of them have built. Her immaculate ass shakes beautifully as it bounces against him on each down stroke. The cycle is inexorable. On each up stroke, a well-greased rod reveals itself, only to disappear sooner and sooner each time into her depths. Like a muscle car ramping up the rpms, the rhythm gets faster and more determined as they both lose themselves in the motion. The minutes go by as they move in synchronicity, and neither one shows the slightest sign of surrender. Her fingernails are digging into his chest, and her breasts are bouncing wildly up and down as the beat goes on. She is being subjected to a maddening series of undulating sensations that she knows will lead to something she wants with the greed of a whore without conscience. Every time she starts to drive him faster, he only pushes back harder and faster still.


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