Husband’s Return

It was a cold and rainy evening as she paced the master bedroom floor. The stone covered with fine burgundy rugs and the fireplace lit to keep dampness away. Her husband should be home soon, gone many weeks in travel with his retainers to other towns, trading. They were not overly rich, but hardly hurt for money, to live in a large house such as this she thought. Word had traveled that he would be home sometime this day or night.

She had taken a luxurious bath and scented herself with pleasant fragrances, ready to bed her husband once he returned. Her fingers could only please so much, and she ached for his hot seed inside of her. She wore a thin pale green nightie, lace in the front that barely covered her nipples, her full cleavage showing. Her nipples sensitive and swollen, constantly rubbing against the lace all day, teasing her and keeping her wet. Her clit throbbed as the satin brushed against it. Over top she wore a plain gray dress, no one knew she wore something far more sultry underneath.

At long last she spotted her husband coming down the path to their modest estate. She sent servants to take care of his party’s things as she whisked him away upstairs, to a hot soothing bath. She slowly disrobed him, first his boots, then his belt and pants, his shirts and finally his underclothes. He stepped into the bath and laid back…able to stretch out in the large porcelain tub with claw feet. He quietly soaped himself and then rinsed himself off in the tub, she poured fresh hot water in for him to soak in now as he closed his eyes after a long trip.

She quietly slips off her dress, leaving herself in just the pale green nightie, firelight showing off her ample cleavage. “Does my Lord like what he sees?” she asks teasingly.

“He does”

She bends over the tub and grabs his large cock, teasing it with one hand, then both, stroking it up and down, up and down…as he groans in pleasure….her breasts almost falling out of the tiny thin nightie as she pleasures him, the nightie riding up high on her hips as she does so, showing him she wears no panties.

She licks around his cock, tasting him, then taking all of it in her throat expertly, she loved this part, loved his warmth of his cock inside any part of her as she moves her head up and down quickly as he groans in pleasure.

“oh god, not yet, don’t make me cum yet” he whispers in ragged breaths as she slowly slides her lips off his manhood teasingly, trailing cum from the tip to her soft lips.

She straddles him in the hot bath, her nightie still on but she doesn’t care as she slides onto his cock quickly, letting it fill her, she pushes her breasts together in the nightie and massages the nipples…he responds by sliding his hand under the water to tease her clit as she bites back a scream of ecstasy, a small orgasm washing over her. She closes her eyes and feels her legs starting to go weak. He takes her breasts in his hands, teasing them, pinching them as she gives low moans. Soon, she can’t wait any longer…

She rides hard, her nightie getting wet and completely see through as she slams her pussy onto his waiting, massive cock. Bracing herself with her hands on his shoulders as she slams harder and harder and harder , breasts bouncing inside the wet nightie as she cums hard, as he does, he fills her and she screams, loving every powerful thrust …she leans down to lick his lips, her pussy on fire and full of his hot white seed…

She sucks on his tongue lovingly as her nightie is now completely soaked, she lays under the water as well, still holding him tight inside her, feeling his cock throbbing inside her.

She trails her tongue now to his nipples, playfully biting them, sucking on them as she feels him slowly harden inside her again. She gives him a playful, wicked smile. She begins to ride him once more, bucking her hips, forcing him deep as she peels off her wet nightie to finally let her husband at her swollen nipples…he eagerly takes them in his mouth, teasing them as she teased his as she shudders in anticipation of whats next.

He slides out, bending her over the edge of the ornate tub, and sliding in from behind, grasping her shoulders this time as he slams into her from behind…she loves it, as he does…this is their favorite position….

“Yes Sir, please…i need more, ahhh” She cries out, loving every inch of him, as he begins to ravish her, forcing himself harder and harder as she screams, her juices flowing down her milky white thighs as she has another orgasm.

Her night would be long indeed, and their fun had just started. She was satisfied ….for now…but she would need more…much more..and soon…


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