Pagan Meeting 1

A friend of mine from work named Brian came up to me one day.

“There is going to be this get-together on Friday night. Do you want to come along?”

I inquired as to what sort of party he was talking about.

“A group of pagans,” he told me.

“Since when did you start worshiping trees and rocks?” I asked.

Brian gave me this look like I was a total asshole to ask such a thing. He said that this group of people were more like naturalists. I asked if there were many young people.

“A few,” Brian told me.

I asked what ‘a few’ meant.

“Two,” he told me.

It was himself and a young woman. All the rest were middle aged. I ask why I should want to be involved in an old people’s club. Brian said that he was trying to get more young people involved. Unless I showed up it would always be older folks. Brian kept on me until I finally agreed. Just to shut him up I said I would go this one time. After work on Friday, Brian stopped by my place and picked me up.

“You won’t regret this Matt,” he said to me.

I was already regretting it and we hadn’t even arrived at this place. Brian drove out to this rural area. I had never been out this way before. We ended up turning onto a dirt lane that brought us to this farm house. We parked and walked over to this out building. A middle aged woman greeted us.

“I’m Brenda, you must be Brian’s friend,” she said.

I said that I was. She asked me what interested me in their pagan group. I told her that Brian pestered me until I said yes. I got an evil look from Brian. Brenda let out a chuckle.

“At least you are honest about it.”

Brenda looked to be in her early fifties. She had long black hair that flowed down to the middle of her back. Brenda was a full figured woman for sure. I could tell she had big breasts and she was curvy. We walked over to the building. Brenda said there were lockers inside to store our clothes. We didn’t have to worry about anyone stealing our possessions. I got this surprised look on my face. Brian didn’t tell me we were going to be naked.

We went inside and there were other men undressing.

“I’m sorry Matt, I knew you wouldn’t come if I told you we would all be nude.”

He was right about that point. It was too late to turn back now. I stripped out of my clothes and footwear and then we walked out onto this grassy area. I was now looking at all manner of naked people. Some were thin, some fat. Other tall and short. Brian was right about one thing. There were only three people our age. Both of us and this hot looking darked haired woman. I knew at once that she looked like our host Brenda. She had dark hair and was shapely as well.

I tried not to stare as we gathered around this fire pit. It was stacked up maybe six feet high with wood. Brenda told all the naked members to circle around. We had to be female-male, female-male all around the pit. Brenda took out some wood matches and she lit the fire. We soon had a giant bonfire going. We joined hands and Brenda began to chant.

The sun was slowly dipping down to the horizon. Most people had their eyes closed as they chanted some foreign words. I just stood there and looked at all the naked bodies. This went on for some minutes until we all lifted our hands up to the sky. Brenda said a few more words and that was the end of the meeting. I hadn’t understood a thing that was said. People began to pair off and walk out into the open fields. I stood there not knowing what to do until Brenda came up to me.

“Come with me,” she said.

She took my hand and we walked out until we reached this large oak tree. As we left I looked over my shoulder to see Brian and the young woman walking away. This woman was glancing back at me. She had this look like she was wishing it were me instead of Brian that she wanted to be with. There was nothing I could do. I followed Brenda to the tree and then she knelt down directly in front of me. She was looking right at my cock. Just like that she reached out and took my dick in her hand.


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