Pacific Princess 3

“Wait is it your cabin? Are we going to your cabin? I don’t remember…” The words trail off as James watches her drift down the endless corridor. Midnight velvet clings to her & James openly looks at her rounded ass seducing him into her cabin. A twinge of reproach pinches him but an overwhelming urge beats it down.

Time no longer seems to follow them; they could’ve been walking for hours or seconds. Proportion seems to flicker in & out of cohesion.

“How long is this corridor?” James asks but his words disappear into the dark wood panelling. Hundreds of identical doors pass them by. James can’t make out the numbers anymore: are they runes? Symbols? What do they mean? He’s constantly snapped back into focus by his voluptuous guide & the contours of her body which ground him like an invisible thread. There’s a glow in the pitch-black distance, they’re nearer & nearer & there it is: a thick wooden door with the number “B340”.

She opens it with a touch & enters. Before James is able to take in the luxurious Art Deco trappings she takes his hand & pulls him against her. They kiss long & hard, their tongues dancing together, her hands stroking his head as he gingerly rubs her hips. The soft velvet feels like memories of childhood beaches, of hot summer holidays & the innocence of noticing girls for the first time, how desire grew in him like magic & mystery.

She pulls him further & further into the urges he’s smothered for so long & soon he is achingly hard, his cock pressing into her soft belly. She rubs him through his jeans while edging down his body. As she undoes them & pulls his underwear down & his hard cock bounces free, nodding with excitement before her thick red lips, he can feel a rumbling from some indistinct point in time & space building in intensity. She licks up the length of his prick before swallowing it into her mouth & sucking it with a loud pop. Her tongue swirls around his tip & the feeling of her wet mouth against the sensitivity of his hard cock is a heaven he’s deprived himself of for too long.

She kisses & runs her plump lips over the head of his cock which twitches with carnal urges it hasn’t felt in a lifetime. James is worried he won’t last much longer when she starts to lick & suck his balls while jerking his dick so he moves her up to his face & kisses her hard, his tongue shoving into the same mouth which just had his dick & his balls in them. No shame though, just pure appetite & a rumbling intensity.

James gropes her thick ass & smacks it hard delighting in how it shakes against his hand. He strokes the velvet struggling to contain her big full breasts, pushing them together to create a cleavage which makes his stomach drop in it’s lewdness. She moans as he buries his face in them, rubbing his lips & tongue all over her soft titflesh. He’s lost in them, smothered in their warmth & dizzy from the pressure building in his cock. He’s ready to burst (& a part of him knows exactly where he wants all of his hot sticky cum to splash over) but the rumble somewhere in the room tells him he’s not ready yet.

The mysterious saviour pulls him to the bed & James starts to remove the rest of his clothes. As he lays back he watches her unzipping her dress while gently stroking his cock which feels almost painful in it’s hardness. She stretches midnight velvet over her tits & James gasps as they fall free. They’re so beautifully large & so perfect, swinging & swaying with her movements as she pushes her dress over her rounded hips. So pale & so round & so plentiful, enticing areolae around dark rock-hard nipples. In his head he’s seeing himself doing things to her impossibly beautiful tits that he’d never been able to think of before.

She peels her dress over her gorgeous soft belly & turns around to show James her beautiful thick ass barely covered in a tiny thong. He reaches over to smack her ass cheek which bounces & reddens against her milky white skin & then grabs her thong & pulls it down. The rumbling grows in texture as he grabs her ass & buries his face in it, his tongue flicking against her pussy which is wet with anticipation. The smell of her arousal leaves him breathless, he’s on the brink & the room is swirling the rumbling is growing he wants her so much he wants to make her cum he wants to make her scream he wants to explode over her.

He lays back as she climbs up his body & he notices her pussy is shaved into a thin line & before this would’ve shocked him but not now, that was pre-cruise James & now he just wants her to slide her cunt over his hard thick cock & fuck him until they collapse.

She runs her tongue over his dick which bobs heavily with arousal, he feels as raw as a fantasising adolescent & she smothers his face with her tits. A muffled groan emerges from her chest as she slowly slides her dripping pussy over every inch of his cock. As she leans back the first thing he sees is her huge boobs bouncing & swinging heavily against her chest as she fucks him hard & he reaches up & grabs them, her eyes locked on his as he smacks her heaving tits & pinches her nipples with a crudeness he never thought himself capable of.


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Certified Web designer, Computer/Internet Enthusiast. I believe in Creativity. Proudly The CEO Of

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