Overtime Pleasure final episode

“Ride me baby…ride my cock.” He ordered once more, and just when I was about to sit on him face front, he turned me around and grabbed my hips, spreading my ass cheeks and positioning his cock on my swollen pussy.

I groaned feeling the head slowly touching my vaginal lips. But he didn’t push all the way through.

“Jason…?” I whispered.

“What do you want Lynda?” He asked, touching my tits and rolling both nipples with his fingers. I wanted his cock so bad, but silence muted me, still somehow ashamed that I was giving him so much of me so soon.

“What does my baby girl want?” He asked again, licking the side of my neck.

“I want your cock to fuck me baby.” I replied almost pleadingly. He didn’t say anything after that, but he surged his hips forward and pulled my hips down to his full length. I was so wet that I felt it easily slide into my cunt, and the delicious feeling of him filling me to the womb.

“Oh yes Jason baby that’s it, fuck my pussy baby…fuck me hard.” I moaned much louder this time, but I was the one guiding the action as I raised my hips up and down meeting his thrusts and buckling on his cock like a wild slut. He took both of my tits in his big hands while I touched my clit and rubbed it frantically with each time I rode his shaft. Once again there was that squishing sound and the smell of sex embracing the room. The air-conditioner was in full blast, but I felt my body wrapped in sweat as I continued to rock my hips with his movements.

“Damn baby, your pussy is so tight..” Jason was murmuring behind me, using his hand to spread my ass cheeks wider, watching my wet pussy take all of his cock in.

“You like it tight daddy?” I bit my lip, using that particular endearment that I tease him with. He smiled, pumping harder..and faster, making me cringe a little with the force, but liking the way I could feel my thighs slapping on his balls.

“Yeah..Daddy likes it wet and tight at the same time baby..I always want you to be fucking horny like this…Ahh yes…that’s it…ride my cock.” Jason repeated several times. It seems he was at a loss for words too.

I was lost in the sensation of riding him. I couldn’t care less if he had a girlfriend, or if this is only a one-time thing that I was allowed o do with him. Our bodies fit together perfectly, and I felt myself drowning inch by inch with the pleasure he was giving me. Who cared about tomorrow, all I cared about was reaching my orgasm..and fast. I did somehow began to feel it coming, as I rode my pace faster, slamming my hips harder onto his pole.

“That’s it baby…that’s my good baby girl..come for daddy.” Jason helped me with my thrusts as I aim for my pleasure, and then for the second time that night, I felt a grip on my tummy, and my pussy wrapped itself like a vice on his cock, and milked him and my senses away.

“I’m fucking coming daddy..ohhh shit…fuck I’m cumminnngg!!!” I shouted, the finger rubbing my clit almost bursted, as my pussy juices slip carelessly down my hole to both our thighs and to his balls.

“Oh yes..” I sighed, his still hard cock plummeting inside my soaked pussy.

“You lik it baby…well I’m almost there too…wanna come one more time?” Jason asked as he pushed me up and carried me over to the desk and plunged his cock deep into me again, with my legs open wide. His thrusts became much faster, while his hands gripped my tits…I was slippery and he pumped harder and harder until I felt he was near.

“Cum In my mouth.” I told him, and he wasn’t able to warn me but hastily pulled out and aimed at my tits and my face. I let out my tongue and catched some of his jizz spray across so I leaned over and took back his cock in my mouth to suck him clean.

“Hmm..” He groaned.

When the sensations were gone, I suddenly felt the embarrassment seeping in me again, but as I was getting dressed, I felt Jason pull me to face him and his mouth descended on mine, darting his tongue with mine. I felt all weak again and clutched on his shoulders for support.

“Lynda..I’ll take care of you baby.” He smiled, those beautiful eyes hypnotizing me again.

“Okay Jason. whatever daddy wants. daddy gets.” And we both laughed out loud.


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Certified Web designer, Computer/Internet Enthusiast. I believe in Creativity. Proudly The CEO Of Primebaze.com.ng

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