Overtime Pleasure 2

“You want to see me fuck myself baby?” I murmured back, slowly pulling the buttons on my jeans.

“Yeah, show me how wet your pussy can get.” Jason drawled near my ear, while massaging my breasts underneath my sweater, which made me groan. With my pants at a heap on the floor and just my black thong covering my cunt, he lifted me up at the waist and placed me on the desk, spreading my legs with his knee.

“Let me see how big your tits are.” And he drew my sweater off, leaving my bra and my panties on.

“Hmm, just the way I like it baby. Now show daddy what makes you hot.” He managed to smile, taking his seat on a nearby chair. I felt like some sixteen year old auditioning for some porn flick, but the thought of Jason watching me there with his beautiful grayish blue eyes, I felt so horny. I raised my legs just over the desk, exposing myself to him, and then gingerly moved the line of my thong for him to see my throbbing clit. I bit on my lower lip and started what I was doing earlier, rubbing on my nub while easing one and then two fingers into my hole. The pleasure was all too good that I was soon lying on the desk, furiously pumping my fingers into my pussy.

“OH yeah…Fuck I’m so fucking hot…” I was moaning loudly, hearing only the squishing sounds of my fingers dipping into my hole as it created more pussy juice…that..and Jason’s labored breathing.

“That’s it Lynn, cmon make your pussy come for me. Fuck yourself with your fingers baby and Daddy’s gonna lick it all up.” He said, and that dirty talk shot me even faster. I was getting so close and when I felt that grip on my tummy, I felt the orgasm would never stop.

“Oh Jason I’m cumming..I’m cumming baby…” I moaned, twisting frantically on the desk, burying my fingers deeper into my cunt. I was still focused on making myself come some more when I felt Jason’s hand pull my fingers out and I sat up surprised.

“I told you I wanted to taste this sweet pussy too.” He smiled, lowering himself on my outspread legs and started lapping at my juices, every now and then nibbling on my distended clit, while tongue fucking me.

“Yes…oh yes..don’t stop please.” I murmured, feeling his tongue deeper and deeper. I clutched at his shoulders, feeling my strength fade away. When it did subside, I pulled him up towards me, seeking his lips and kissed him madly, tasting my own cum in his mouth. His strong hands unclasped my bra while I hurried to the zipper of his slacks, wanting to feel his cock inside me, wanting to suck it.

“My little baby wants to play?” He crooned, flickering his tongue on my nipples, and I groaned in his neck, freeing his stiff cock from his boxers.

“I wanted you so bad Jason….so so bad.” I stroked his cock up and down.

“Well you have me right here baby..” He continued to suck my tits but I pushed him away and asked him to stand in front of me. I kneeled and continued to slide my hand up and down his shaft and then took his balls in mouth, slurping away like a needy child.

“Ah yes that’s it baby, suck on my cock. Feed it to your greedy mouth.” I didn’t need much encouragement, I felt like some slut, with nothing on but a black thong and a dick slapping teasingly in front of my face. But I was so freaking horny, I wanted to taste Jason’s cock from the time I first met him. And right now the opportunity was literally in front of me. I opened my mouth wide and sucked him to his full length, feeling him hitting the back of my throat that I could only breathe through my nose. I was sucking his cock fervently, my saliva dripping on the side on my lips, feeling his length serving all possibilities. His hands found it’s way on the back of my head, urging me to swallow him further that I could almost gag with his hardness.

“Ooohh…you’re one good cocksucker baby.” He crooned, rocking his hips back and forth. I could only groan.

“Look at me, look up at me bitch..look at me with your eyes so I can see how you like my cock.” He ordered and I did what he asked, sucking faster and faster, and his hands pushing my head. The way he groaning made me so hot, that I can almost feel the juice slowly trickling down my thighs. I didn’t stop from what I was doing until I felt Jason pull me up and dragged my hips to the nearest chair. He sat down.


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Certified Web designer, Computer/Internet Enthusiast. I believe in Creativity. Proudly The CEO Of Primebaze.com.ng

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