E-Male 2

“I wanted to give you a surprise,” I said.

She gasped, brushing back some of her hair that fell over her sweaty face. “You sure did.”

Then her look turned playful as she asked, “Want to do the job for me while I read?”

“Thought you’d never ask.”

She backed away so I could watch her unbuckle her skirt. She let it slide down her hips onto the floor. Now her hairless slit came into full view. Her eyes locked on mine as she pulled off her T-shirt, exposing the firm nipples resting on the peaks of her soft, rounded breasts. She stood naked before me now, tossing her shirt into a corner as I feasted on her beauty.

She sat down again, this time spreading her legs as wide as they could go as she slid her chair under the desk again. This time I was right there between her thighs as she moved close to me. I began to kiss the inside of her legs, starting at her knees, alternating the right side and the left, tracing a path to her now dripping slit. I brought my face close to her crevice to lightly kiss each of her hanging labia. My lips moistened by her juices.

“Read the email aloud,” I murmured into her slit.

She began to describe the graphic lust of one of her fans. He was telling her how he would eat her, and I couldn’t help thinking how convenient it was as I let my tongue trace a path from the bottom of her slit. Her legs trembled as I licked my way to her hood, then began making wide circles around it with my tongue. The circle grew smaller and smaller until I closed in on her stiffened bud.

Her voice cracked as I began sucking on her clit. I sucked it between my lips, trapping it there as I flicked it inside my mouth with my tongue. She still read, but there was obvious strain in her voice as she described her fan’s desire to ream her pussy. A word broke into a moan. I was determined to keep her from reading as I continued to suckle her clit like a nipple. Then I opened wide, letting my tongue slide under her hood to lap her clit directly.

She gasped, her hips jerking under the onslaught. I backed away, moving my tongue down to her pussy. I parted the outer lips with my tongue, then slipped my pinky inside. It was already wet from its previous journey inside her, and made a wet, squishy noise as it sank in among her hot juicy walls. I moved my tongue back to her clit, beginning the rapid circles again.

I started a regular motion, pumping my finger inside her as I encircled her clit with my tongue. The hood slid under my mouth, lubricated by her juices. Her legs closed, clamping onto my ears with her thighs. I bore up under the increasing pressure, listening to her voice breaking into a high-pitched gasp. Her hips bucked again now, smearing my face with her juice as I tried to keep up with her. She tried to keep reading, knowing what I was trying to do, but then she reached a part where the reader exploded in orgasm.

Her legs tightened harder. I felt her pussy grasping at my pinky as she burst into a groan of pleasure. I continued to lick as she came harder, trembling and shivering in her chair. Then the groan faded into quick gasps that arrived further and further apart until they stopped.

I released her from my mouth to crawl forward, looking up from her lap to see her smiling down at me. Her eyes half-closed, still swimming in the afterglow of her orgasm.

“Good?” I asked.


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