Dropping Her Mask final episode

Amanda didn’t talk like this either, but after squirting her juices all over his face, Amanda was gone and Lady Blackhawk liked to hear dirty talk.

“I’m…gonna fuck your little twat with, with my big fat cock.” He told her.

She smiled and wiggled her bottom again. “Yes, yes you are. Get over here and pound my pussy!”

Mitch stepped behind Amanda and lifted her skirt. With his other hand, he guided his dick to her opening. Before he could thrust, she backed up, impaling herself on his cock. “HMMM Yes.” She hummed. “I love the way your cock fills my pussy.”

Mitch took hold of her hips and began thrusting. She pushed back again, and quickly they were slamming together repeatedly. Mitch started moaning, his excitement building once more. Knowing he wouldn’t last long, she told him “You’re filling up my tight pussy with your big cock!”

“Oh God!” Mitch cried out, she was driving him wild. From what little he knew of her, he would never have guessed she would been this way in bed. Or against the dresser, as the case may be.

“Grab my tits!” she told him.

“What..?” He asked confused, not sure he had heard her correctly over the noise of his pelvis slapping against her ass.

“Squeeze my fucking tits.” She ordered him. He reached around to undo the buttons on her tunic only to find it open already. He pulled it off her and threw it aside, he had her bra off a few seconds later. His hands found her breasts and she moaned as soon as they were cupping them. He squeezed roughly as his cock battered her cunnie relentlessly. “Yes, harder.” She cried.

He wasn’t sure exactly if she meant her his hands or his thrusts, so he simultaneously began fucking her as hard as he could and pinching her nipples. When she began to squeal, he pulled her nipples even harder.

“Fuck, FUCK, I’M GONNA, I’M GONNA…” Amanda came a second time, her pussy tightening around his cock, the added friction sending him over the edge. “Aaaahh.” They both yelled as his cock spurted into her.

The pair stood still for a moment, reveling in the feel of each other before Amanda shifted, signally Mitch to let go of her hips. He sat down on the edge of the bed and expected her to change out of the Lady Blackhawk costume. Instead, he watched as she pulled on and buttoned up the tunic and adjusted her wig and hat. She gathered her clothes in a ball and gave him a wink as she headed towards his door.

“Hold up.” He said as she opened the door. “You forgot something.”

She looked back to see him picking up her panties, and hold them out for her.

“Why don’t you return them to me on Saturday?” She suggested. “You are going to the costume party over at Glendale Hall, right?”

“Sure. Yeah.” He told her. He hadn’t been planning to do that, but he certainly was now.

“You better.” She told him. “Otherwise I won’t have anything on under my skirt.” She gave him another wink and he took in one last look at her long legs and short skirt as she exited the room.

She felt exhilarated as she exited the residence. Her head held high as she headed back to her own dorm. As she walked, she decided to try something. She removed the hat. Then the wig. She still felt amazing. Maybe she didn’t need to wear a costume or a mask to “get out there” after all.

Hell, she thought. If I keep my word to Mitch, I don’t even need to wear a pair a panties.


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Certified Web designer, Computer/Internet Enthusiast. I believe in Creativity. Proudly The CEO Of Primebaze.com.ng

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