Dropping Her Mask 5

Amanda smiled, putting her hands back on her hips. Despite being shorter, he was a bit bigger than her ex. She nodded, approvingly. “That’s a nice cock you have there. Really nice.”

“Thank you?” Mitch said, unsure how he was supposed to answer that. He wasn’t a virgin, but it’s not like he’d ever had a woman compliment his penis before.

“Lose the shirt.” She told him. Amanda wasn’t even thinking about it, she was just getting him to do what she wanted. It was very unlike her. With her ex, he had usually been the one to initiate sex and determine what they did. She had never taken control like this and was finding it very exciting to be the one in charge. Or least the one leading.

Mitch added his shirt to the pile of recently discarded clothes and stood awkwardly in front of her. Completely nude, he wasn’t sure where to put his hands.

Amanda watched as he crossed and uncrossed his arms, his erection bobbing around a bit a result of his movement. Rather than make him twist in the wind any longer, she took a few steps forward.

“It’s bigger than I expected.” She told him. “It’s probably too big. For my little mouth I mean.”

Mitch didn’t know what to say. He wasn’t that big, probably a shade longer than average, and the two women he had been with had been able to give him blowjobs without issue. But that didn’t seem like the right thing to say at the moment, so he simply said nothing.

“Besides, a woman like Lady Blackhawk wouldn’t just drop to her knees and start sucking cock, would she?” Amanda told him. “No, all that head bobbing and sucking? She’d lose her hat!”

“I…I guess.” He reluctantly agreed. He didn’t give a shit about her hat, the mental image of her sucking his cock made his dick twitch. To hear her talk about it was hot, but to also hear her say she wasn’t going to do it was devastating.

“Still. I do have to thank you. I feel much better about being Lady Blackhawk now.” She told him. She inched a bit closer, stopping when the cloth of her skirt touched his hard cock. “I really appreciate your help.”

She inched forward a bit more, and since she was taller than him, the bottom of the skirt dragged itself across the tip of his cock and she leaned in until it passed over the head and slid along his shaft. His dick was now half under her skirt. They locked eyes again, Mitch having to look up at the tall, gorgeous woman in front of him. She pushed her pelvis forward until she felt his dick press against the very tops of her inner thighs.

“And I want to make sure you feel good about helping me too.” She lifted herself up on her tippy toes and closed the little space left between them

“Do you feel good about helping Lady Blackhawk?” She asked.

“Hmm.” He took a deep breath, his cock rubbing her inner thighs as her balance wavered ever so slightly from side to side.

“Was that a yes. Did helping me feel good?” She asked again. The pair stood face to face unmoving. Mitch began to open his mouth, but before he could say anything, she lowered herself back down in her heels. The crown of his cock split her lips open and made its way just inside her cunnie. “God yes.” He moaned as they stood perfectly still.


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Certified Web designer, Computer/Internet Enthusiast. I believe in Creativity. Proudly The CEO Of Primebaze.com.ng

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