Wrong Address final episode

Where did she come from? How did she get inside my house? What fate brought her to me? Frankly, I didn’t give a damn.

I looked down at her face and saw her knees were spread showing that pretty little pink pussy. Hell, I could smell her. She was sucking on my rod and I wanted to lick her. I wanted my tongue to invade that pussy and hear her moan and make the same noises I was making.

I wanted my fingers in her honey hole. I needed her juice on my chin. I had to have that red pussy hair tickling my nose. I wanted to cry with the need to have her soft creamy thighs rubbing my cheeks. I didn’t care how I had to do it, but I was going to have those legs over my shoulders when I dove into that delicious dripping cunt. I wanted those pretty feet pounding on my back when I tickled that soft little slit and I’d make her hips bounce with her climax with I nibbled on that hard little clit.

I swear I felt her tonsils when she swallowed my ham and her chin bumped my two eggs. My knees got weak when she pulled her head back, looked up and me, and tried to smile around my bush-beater. I watched her face tilt up as my Roman candle rubbed across the roof of her mouth and went down her throat. I saw her neck move when she swallowed my throb knob.

I stood still, trembling, as her head bobbed back and forth. Oh man, she was working my wank and I was so close to shooting my wad. My balls were getting tight and she must have seen them drawing up. She put her hand between my legs, clutched my ball sac, and squeezed. Hot damn, that did it.

I exploded. I shot cum down her throat and watched the ripples going down her neck when she swallowed. Girls scream and men roar and boy did I bellow. Like a wild mountain lion, I howled, and I didn’t care if the neighbors heard me. My head jerked, my butt cheeks clenched and I think my toes curled.

I do not know if I dropped to the floor or fell. All I could think about was that pretty little pussy and the sweet taste of her nectar on my tongue. If she turned around for me, I don’t know. I may have manhandled her, but I don’t care. I flipped her over and got my mouth on that pussy so fast I think she was surprised because she groaned.

“Eat me … yes, yes, yes … eat my sweet pussy.”

She moved her hips back and forth. “Scratch my itch, big man. Put you fingers in there and tickle my twat.” By this time, she was humping her hips up and down, and moving so fast I couldn’t get my hands on her tits, but I kept trying.

She exploded, clamped her thighs against my head so hard I was afraid she popped my eardrums. She twisted that flexible pelvis of hers and lifted my head up before she bounced her hips back on the floor.

When she let me go, I rolled over on my back and tried to catch my breath. I don’t know how she did it, but she had my trouser truncheon in her mouth and was sucking me back to steel. Then she climbed on top of me, sank down on my womb broom, and pounded away until that sweet little love hole of hers exploded and sucked another load of sperm out of my stocking stuffer before I was even aware I was gonna cum.

Damn she was hot and I was getting sore. Sweat was running down my chest and her juice was a warm pool under my hips.

I heard her panting beside me, but I couldn’t open my eyes because one was looking to the left and the other was still rolled back in my head.

I groaned when she said, “Let me rest a minute. I want to do that again before I call the office.” She breathed deeply a few times and asked, “Say, do you think you can suck on my tits for a little while before you squirt some man juice on them?”

I may have groaned. I know I wanted to turn over, but none of my muscles would cooperate. I believe I smiled when I heard her say, “This next time, maybe we can do a really slow fuck.”


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Certified Web designer, Computer/Internet Enthusiast. I believe in Creativity. Proudly The CEO Of Primebaze.com.ng

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