Writer’s Dream final episode

“You will be so good with me.” She whispered to him as she stepped closer, placing his open palm on her breast.

Their bodies collided once more in a passionate kiss. This time the intensity had grown. Short work was made of the rest of their clothes and Sebastian soon found himself entangled with Elizabeth among the sheets of his bed. Their naked bodies writhed together, rubbing and touching. He kissed her, and licked her neck, sucking on the base. He could feel her heat and wetness as she rolled over top of him. She let out moans of pleasure as his mouth closed over her nipples and his tongue danced across the tip.

She moved her hips across the length of his hardness, grinding him between her swollen lips. He could feel his head slid along her, touching the hard nub of her clit as she moved back and forth. She arched her back pressing down on him. Slowly she rounded her back over and lifted her hips, placing his head at her opening. Sliding down she took him inside her. Deliberately squeezing him as he filled her, pressing the breath from her open mouth. Her movements began slowly. Long strokes with her hips working him inside her. Her pace began to quicken, his hips bucked to meet and match hers. Her breathing became shallow, moans became whimpers. She rode him, writhing on top of him. His hands slid down from her breasts over her waist and around her hips. She pressed hard down on to him, moving back and forth, getting him to her spot, and eliciting a scream of pleasure. His fingers slid down her front and between her lips. As she rocked back his finger pressed against her clit. Rolling it there, as she moved him deep inside her, sent her into orbit. She thrashed as a guttural scream erupted through her orgasm. Sebastian felt her entire body clinch capturing him deep within her core. She fell forward as her body jerked and her moans intensified. Sebastian could hold no longer. He exploded in his own orgasm, sending a shot of semen inside her. His jerking sent a new tidal wave of ecstasy throughout Elizabeth’s body. She rocked on him as he held her tight in his arms. As the incredible sensation began to subside, Elizabeth melted into Sebastian. Her eyes scanned over to see the page lying on the bed next to them. The title looking back at her: “My Elizabeth.”

“Excuse me sir?” A gentle voice and tap on the shoulder startled Sebastian awake. He sat up quickly, looking around. He was in the park, but how?

“Sir? You fell asleep and spilled your coffee.” His eyes began to focus. There before him was the angelic face, bright eyes and sensual hair the caring lips he had just been kissing. She leaned in close with a hand on his shoulder.

“Elizabeth?” Sebastian uttered, he blinked several times as his eyes adjusted to the light.

“No sir. My name is Kerry actually.” She stood and smiled down at him.

Sebastian smiled up at her. He began to pat his lap where the coffee had spilled suddenly aware of what had happened. His face flushed red as he stood, and began to walk off. He only took a couple strides before stopping and turning back to her.

“Thank you for waking me. I have to go. I have some work I am now ready to finish. Thank you.” He kind of stuttered out and started to turn away. “My name is Sebastian.”

“It is a pleasure to meet you, Sebastian. Perhaps we can meet again.” She smiled with a coyness that struck to Sebastian’s soul.



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Certified Web designer, Computer/Internet Enthusiast. I believe in Creativity. Proudly The CEO Of Primebaze.com.ng

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