Visit To The Glory Hole final episode

You dropped to your knees and start to lick this huge cock. It was covered in your saliva as you licked the head. You then took the cock in your mouth and sucked on it, bobbing your head back and forth and running your tongue all over of the head of his huge cock. I looked at you in shock as you took all of his cock into your mouth. Your nose was buried in his pubic hair; you had all 8+ inches of his cock in your throat. I was so amazed as you continued sucking on this monster cock.

You pointed to the hole behind you and I turned to look and see a set of eyes peeping through the hole behind you. You pointed to your purse and told me to give it to you. I handed you your purse and watched you dig through it while sucking on the cock in front of you. You pulled out a condom and threw it at me and turned to the hole behind you. You pulled off your shirt and bra and slid your skirt up and pulled down your panties.

Just as quickly as you were undressed, another cock was shoved through the hole in the other wall. In seconds your mouth was all over that cock and you were rubbing the wetness of your pussy on the cock poking through the first hole. You looked at me and smiled and told me to put the condom on.

“WHAT?!?!!? I can’t I have a girlfriend. She would kill me if she found out I was even here with you.”

“It’s not for you,” you explained, and glanced back to the cock sticking out the other hole.

“WHAT?!?!?!,” I exclaimed again. “I’m not touching that thing.”

You reached up, grabbed me through my jeans and squeezed my balls till I dropped to my knees.

“PUT the condom on him now!!”

I whimpered a little as you released your grip on my balls and went to the monster cock. I opened the wrapper and pulled the condom out. I unrolled the condom on the cock stretching it to its limits. I’d never seen another man’s cock in my life let alone held one in my hands. It was a major difference from when I played with my little one.

I started to back to the wall when you told me to put it in you. I started to protest again but the pain in my balls reminded me that I better not disagree. I grabbed a hold of the monster cock again, and placed it against your pussy. You slowly backed on to it and started to moan. You slowly rode on his cock while you slurped on the one in front of you; harder and faster each moment. You started to buck wildly against the cock in your pussy and moan louder and louder.

My cock was about to burst in my pants watching you have your way with these two strangers. I was sure that I would cum in my pants just from watching you. The cock in front of you started to swell and you knew he was about to cum. You pulled the cock out of your mouth and motioned for me to come over. You told me to finish him off with my hand and spray his cum all over your tits so you could concentrate on the large cock in your pussy.

I grabbed his cock and stroked it hard and fast. His cock was so slippery from all of your saliva. It was not as big as the cock that was in your pussy, but at 6 inches long it was about twice the size of mine and I enjoyed stroking one that big. I pretended that it was mine and I’m jerking off all over your chest. Soon, I felt his hot release run own my fist as he was fucking it. His hot cum splashed all over your chest and this sent you over the edge. You started to moan and bite your lower lip to keep from screaming as you reached orgasm from the huge cock in your pussy. You bucked harder and harder as your pussy spasmed on his cock and you felt his cum filling the condom in your pussy.

You swore that it burst open because you could feel the heat from it but as you relaxed and pull the cock out you saw that it was still on and full of his semen. You looked at me and smiled, and started to lick and suck the cum off of my fingers and reach for my cock again. At this point I was in no condition to stop you and you rub me through my pants. In just seconds, I realize what’s going on and try to stop. But with the suction on my fingers and your hand in my crotch, it’s too late. I can’t hold myself any longer and I explode into my pants. Oh No I came… I can’t believe it. I came in my pants.

You laughed and pointed as you could see the wetness in my pants from where I just wasted my load. You got dressed except for your panties; you put those in your purse, and started to head out the door.

“Wait, what am I going to do about this,” I asked. You peeked out the door and said, “Not to worry there is no one here.” So I followed you out the door, glad this was all over that I could drop you off and then head home and forget all of this ever happened. You looked back to me and said, “Oops, we almost forgot,” and headed straight to the cashier. I couldn’t believe it, you’re still getting the toys after the hour you just had. The cashier looked over at us and started to smile and giggle again. Then I realized she could see the mess I made showing through my pants.

I quickly tried to cover up, but it was too late the damage was done. I put my head down and walked over to you as you paid for the toys. You handed me the big bag of sex toys leaving my stained crotch open for her to see again. She looked at you and then down to my crotch and ask how we liked the video booth. I tried to speak but just stood there stuttering and you both erupted in laughter.

The cashier looked her eyes down to my crotch and informed me she knew I enjoyed it. I turned bright read as you both laughed at your little joke then we headed to the door. As we get in the car, I thought to myself, at least it is over I can take you to your family’s house and then it will be done… Boy was I wrong.


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Certified Web designer, Computer/Internet Enthusiast. I believe in Creativity. Proudly The CEO Of

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