Visit To The Glory Hole 1

After seeing the pictures you could hardly control yourself. It took at least half an hour to stop laughing. You decided you had to see it in person, and you weren’t going to take no for an answer. So the next time you made it to the area you were going to arrange a special meeting.

The holidays had arrived and you were going to be in town. You called me a week before to make sure my calendar was clear so we could meet up and you could begin your evil plan. My girlfriend was out of town for the week visiting family, but I was unable to get time off from work so I had to stay home.

4:30 on Friday my phone rang. You were stranded at the airport and needed a ride home. I explained that I was really busy, but after a couple of minutes of begging I agreed, not knowing what trouble I was in for. On the way to your aunt’s house you ask if I’d make a stop for you because there were some things you need to get. I reluctantly agreed. I pulled off the highway where you asked, and started to put up a fight when you asked me to pull into the adult shop. You explained you were going to be here for two weeks and didn’t know anyone but your family other than me and it was going to be very boring if you didn’t have some toys to occupy your time. You mentioned that I could always come over and keep you company, but you have needs so it’s either going to be me or a plastic boyfriend. You knew I have a girlfriend, but that didn’t stop you. You kept at it until I agreed to stop and let you go to the store.

You asked if I wanted to go in with you, and I started to say no until I saw your pouting face and I knew I didn’t have a chance.

We walked in and it was nothing I’d ever seen before. Dildos and vibrators covered the wall. You were in paradise. You went and picked up an 8 inch rubber dildo off the wall and exclaimed how small mine must look compared to this thing. I blushed after hearing the giggles of the girl behind the counter. You asked me to carry it for you because you have to try it out tonight.

After walking around for about 30 minutes and picking up a couple more items, you asked me to go get some lube for you and your huge dildo. I returned and you were talking to the girl at the counter and she pointed to a door in the back. You took all of your toys from my hand, set them on the counter and asked the girl to hold them for you. You handed her some money and she gave you a handful of change. You grabbed me by the arm and pulled me towards the door in the back.

You opened the door and pulled me inside to where there is just a room with more doors. You opened one of the doors and told me to get in. You followed in behind me and closed locked the door behind you. You put money in the slot and a movie came on. “Oh I love these,” you exclaimed as the movie was playing on the screen. I noticed a whole in the wall on both sides of the room and asked you what they are for. You told me to take a peek and look through.

I got down and put my eye to the whole and jumped back after what I saw. You started to laugh as I explained it was some guy with his cock out stroking it. “What are you doing,” I muttered while you put two fingers into the hole. Not knowing what was going to happen next, I must say I was shocked when I saw a cock poke through the hole. It was huge! At least the size of the 8inch dildo you bought if not longer. You looked at me smiled, lick your lips and said, “Watch this.”


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Certified Web designer, Computer/Internet Enthusiast. I believe in Creativity. Proudly The CEO Of

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