Quenching Desire 1

Coral Brennan collapsed onto her couch. What a day! She’d been surprised by no fewer than 50 friends to celebrate her 30th birthday. The soft blue-green display on the clock read 2 am, the night had flown by and gifts we’re strewn about her family room. A silk scarf from her best friend Jan, a tourmaline necklace from 3 gals in her office she ate lunch with once a week, a small Coach handbag from her favorite aunt. Of course there were the obligatory gag gifts, an “Over the Hill” coffee mug, an “I’m not 30, only $29.95” T-shirt, and an assortment of 1970’s candy. The place was a mess but she decided she’d clean up in the morning. With a smile she hoisted herself up from the couch, turned out the lights and made her way up the stairs to bed. An evening full of laughter, food and martinis had worn her out.

Shuffling towards her bedroom Coral opened the door and reached to the left to flip on the light. She began to unbutton her skirt when something on the bed caught her eye. It was the metallic shine of a gift bag, a silvery luminescence that turned the colors of the rainbow when the light hit it just right. It was the size of a shopping bag, the kind one would get at a department store. The bag handles were silver as well, and there was a glittery red gift tag hanging from them.

Her first thought was, who had been in her bedroom? She had seen guests going up and down the stairs, but only because there was another bathroom to be used besides the one on the main level near the kitchen. Maybe Jan and Nanci, her friends that had thrown the party for her, had left her something else. She couldn’t imagine why, the gifts they had given her were lovely.

Coral walked to the bed, letting her skirt slide to the floor as she did so. She moved the bag closer to her and turned the gift tag so it could be read;

I will bring to life your sexual desire. Inside of your heart is a smoldering fire I am with you already, you’ve nothing to fear Say the name Adammair, and I shall appear

Coral smiled. Someone who knew her well was toying with her. As a professor of European Literature she was well acquainted with Adammair. He was a Celtic God of virility, fabled to be almost insatiable.

Whose clever game was this? Coral had not dated in the last three months following a breakup with her boyfriend of 2 years. Was this a ploy by him to get her back? No, she decided, Jack was not this imaginative, and he’d surely never written a verse of anything in his lifetime. Perhaps her friends we’re teasing her, they were always hounding her to get back on the dating band wagon. Coral sat down on her bed and decided to peer into the bag.

The scent of lavender wafted into the room as she removed the red shimmery stuffing that was hiding the bags contents. The first item she pulled out was a hot pink “rabbit” vibrator. Coral smiled and rolled her eyes. This was definitely the work of her friends giving her a strong hint to start looking for a man.


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Certified Web designer, Computer/Internet Enthusiast. I believe in Creativity. Proudly The CEO Of Primebaze.com.ng

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