Proper Way To Start A Relationship

We’ve all been there, that new phase in a relationship. It’s the cloud 9 phase where you both just want to cross the formalities and get to the happily ever after. You wish to fall in love and live your Hollywood romance, Bollywood style but in a Nollywood world. 

That beginning always seems like the best thing in the world – until you finally begin the relationship. All the “I love you, talk your own,” will sooner than later evaporate as all the hidden things resurface. 

The beginning of most relationships feels like you’re walking on eggshells. This is because you probably can’t help but be too careful. 

You try so hard not to mess things up so you don’t really give a hundred percent of yourself. What if your fart is so awful it makes her faint? Now, that’s a thought. You figure it’s best to wait till it’s been at least 2 months, right? Two months before you can fart at ease and probably tell her you don’t ever want to get married.

Well, wrong! Hiding your true self from the beginning can be the very reason your relationship breaks. Sure, some might claim it’s best to win their trust before shedding their foreskin. 

But what happens if what’s hidden beneath is just too much to handle? Why not save yourself the time and emotional trauma and cut to the chase from the start. This and more are all the tips I will share with you right now on the right way to start a relationship. 

Please note, these tips may not be the best, but they are right.

1. Tell enough, not too much or too little

At the beginning of a relationship is when you get to know each other better. If you didn’t live as friends for many years before breaking the ice, then you need to introduce yourselves to each other. You should share enough and not go into too many details like how you love digging for gold in your nose in your spare time. That’s too much information, but share enough about yourself. Don’t be too mysterious since you’ve already crossed that bridge and gotten to the relationship stage. Start with the small talk and walk your way up to the bigger stories. You have a long-lasting relationship goal after all. 

2. Be adventurous

You’re in a new relationship and that alone is an adventure. Since you’ve jumped into something unknown, you should be open to learning new things about yourself and your new boo. Don’t let your insecurities or past hurt hold you back from all the fun a new relationship brings. It’s natural to be cautious just in case things don’t work out. But be so open-minded that if things really don’t work out, you would at least have had a fun-filled time.

3. Take things slow

In as much as you want to be adventurous and have fun in this new relationship, don’t be too hard on yourself. Go at a moderate pace, especially where intimacy is concerned. Your partner should be able to understand and respect your pace. 

Generally, you should learn the best tip in any relationship and that’s communication. Communicate verbally and non-verbally. Listen, Speak, Study with your eyes all the non-verbal cues, and Read all about how to improve, end or start relationships right here.


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