Quarantined 2

“Well, if I can’t play, at least I can look the part. Besides, it’s pretty comfortable out on the balcony. It’s going to be 80, or, um, 26 for you Brits, today.” I looked at her name tag. Hannah, it read. The cruise line puts the employee’s home country on the tags, but I could tell she was one of the Brits by her accent.

Hannah laughed at my reference to the Celsius temperature. “That’s pretty good. Most Americans don’t have a clue about our temperature readings. Let’s see how yours looks this morning.” She pulled out one of those thermometers they stick in your ears, moving close to me as she inserted it. I could feel the warmth of her body as she stood next to me, a hint of perfumed shampoo wafting to my nostrils from her short blonde hair. It was starting to get to me. I’d probably have had a full hard on if I hadn’t been so sick.

“Still a little warm, I’m afraid. Thirty nine.” A quick calculation made that 102.2 F. “How are you feeling,” she asked, looking into my eyes, first unaided, then with the device that lights up the inner part.

“OK, well, actually, a little warm yet. I slept a lot last night.”

Hannah looked in my ears. “That’s good. Are you staying hydrated?? You’ll lose a lot of water with a temperature this high.”

“Yes. I’m driving my steward crazy filling my ice jug.”

Hannah laughed. “That’s good. It will keep you from getting dehydrated. Don’t forget, keep taking your meds til they’re done. Anything else I can do this morning??”

I immediately thought of a dozen acts of debauchery that I’d have been glad to have her participate in with me if I had only felt a little better. “No, thanks. I’m fine, at least as well as can be expected.”

“That’s good,” said Hannah, smiling as our eyes met. “I’ll be back around 6:30 this evening to see how you’re doing. Don’t forget, keep up the water.” I saw her to the door. “Have a good day, Mr. Barrett.”

“Please, call me Tom.”

Her look softened. “Have a good day, Tom.” Our eyes lingered on each other as she turned down the hall.

Damn, I thought. If that’s Nurse Diesel, I’ll have a full tank. Hannah, it turned out, was gorgeous. She was tall, maybe 5′ 8″, and slender, even slightly built. She had small tits, A cup at best, a narrow waist leading to only slightly wider hips, but a sweet looking ass, as best I could tell in scrubs. Her face was pretty, framed by not quite shoulder length honey blonde hair that was crimped at the ends. Her eyes, a light blue, captivated me. For a brief moment, I hoped I’d need her attention the rest of the cruise.

That evening she came up around 7, and we again shared some banter. I was still in the 101.5 range, so stuck at least til the morning after next. I teased Hannah about coming up late that evening, maybe I’ll have a better temperature by then, and she could tuck me in. She laughed, but gently declined the offer. She did put her hand on my arm as she left, and again our eyes met for a longer moment than I’m sure was the case for most of her patients.

The next morning she came up around 9:30. She noted I was looking a bit brighter, probably the result of the antibiotic kicking in. My temperature had come down to 37, normal. Hannah congratulated me, telling me if I had two more like it, she could release me back to the ship.

“You better warn everyone I’m back on the loose.”

Hannah laughed. “We do advise the restaurants, etc, that you’re now allowed back in. As for everyone else, they’re on their own.” She looked into my eyes. “But you’re not so bad. It’s actually been fun coming up to see you.” Her eyes sparkled as she smiled at me.

“It’s been fun having you come to check on me. If I had to be quarantined, you’d be the person I’d want to see every day. I was afraid I’d have some old battleax whose idea of a good time was giving enemas.”

Hannah laughed out loud.” We hardly do that much anymore, at least on the ship.” Her voice dropped. “But for an extra charge…” She jabbed me with her elbow.

I smiled. “Not my thing, sorry. You’ll have to get your jollies elsewhere on that.”

Hannah laughed, looking at me. “I like you. You have a sense of humor. I don’t always see a lot of that on this job.”

“I look at it this way: there’s a lot in the world that needs to be poked fun at. Illness, at least my own, is fair game. Just because I’m sick, doesn’t mean I have to be a cheerless grump. I had my gall bladder out last year, and I was in the bed, but the floor nurses were the ones in stitches. Besides, I love seeing you smile.”


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