How to Look Sexy Without Trying to Look Sexy

All of us want to look sexy, but it’s not something that everyone can have and brag about. Find out how to look sexy and feel sexy without even trying, and join the elite sexy club.

how to look sexy

While walking across a street, have you ever taken a second glance at someone of the opposite sex because they look so sexy?

All of us have.

And have you ever come across someone of the same sex who looks so sexy, radiant and perfect, like they’re a movie star or something?

Again, we’ve all been there.

So what do some people have that makes them look so attractive, even if they’re not really symmetrical in the face?

You can say that some people have the oomph and the sexiness naturally, while some others just don’t.

But that’s not really true. You can learn how to look sexy without even trying, and make a difference in your life in no time!

Don’t believe it? Well, change your ordinary life into a sexy life with these ten steps and see the difference yourself.

How to look sexy

There are a lot of things that make someone look sexy and attractive. And it’s not all about the outer appearance. Some of the sexiest people on earth aren’t really the prettiest, but they’re still sexy. And you can figure out how to look sexy by just following these ten steps and walk into a new and improved sexy life.

#1 A gorgeous physique

Yes, this is physical and more of a shallow attribute. But it helps a lot when it comes to knowing how to look sexy. A great body involuntarily attracts attention and impresses the opposite sex. So hit the gym or pick up one of those fab workouts from Beachbody.

Getting a well shaped body is one of the first steps in trying to look sexy. It’ll make you look good and feel really sexy. Clothes will look a lot better on you than it does on other people, and you’ll get a huge boost in confidence. This is definitely one of the first things to do if you want to look sexy.

#2 Dress well

Most people think they know how to dress well, but frankly, they really don’t. Do your friends always look at you in awe or compliment you for your great taste in clothes?

No? Then you’re obviously not the best dressed person in your group of friends. So you definitely need help. Read a few fashion magazines and pick up a few pointers on what would look the best on you. And use it well.

You really don’t have to spend a million bucks to look like it. So spend wisely, look great and learn how to look sexy.

#3 Groom yourself

If you’ve got a sexy body and have started to dress well, you’re probably noticing a lot of second glances already. But the devil is in the details. Don’t just stop with clothes and a good physique, it’s a start but it’s not good enough. Groom yourself. Get a flattering hairstyle, a few classy perfumes that smell great on you, and all the other works.

Sexiness comes from the inside, and if you feel sexy, you’ll look sexy. It may sound patronizing, but it’s completely true.

#4 Buy sexy underwear

There’s nothing that can make you feel sexier than sexy underwear, be it laces or silk. You don’t have to reveal it for all the world to see, but just knowing that you’re wearing something so sexy and beautiful inside your regular attire can make you feel good about yourself.

#5 Pamper yourself

Ever felt like buying that pedicure kit or that awesome massage chair? Go ahead and pick it up *as long as you can afford it all!*. Sexy people love themselves and pamper themselves all the time. Come on, you’re so sexy you deserve the best of stuff.

If you don’t believe you deserve a good splurge now and then, either on your cosmetics or on your accessories, then you’re not really feeling sexy about yourself. Love yourself and always look like you just stepped out of a beauty salon. Va va voom!

#6 Respect yourself and be respected

If you don’t respect yourself, you can’t be confident. And if you aren’t confident, you’ll never really know how to look sexy, at least to the best of your potential.

Learn to respect yourself and consider yourself worthy of being respected by others, be it your friends or your own partner. Don’t let your friends take you for granted or throw you around like you’re not important. When you’re around people who love you and respect you, your own self worth will grow and you’ll learn to be more confident. And always remember this, respecting yourself is not a sign of being egoistic. It shows that you know your own worth.

#7 Love your life

If you want to know how to look sexy without even trying, learn to love yourself and your life. Be happy and have fun every day. Being fun and alive is sexy. Have you ever seen gloomy people who are always pessimistic or negative in life? They’re not very good company and they don’t attract any sexy attention even if they’re rather good looking.

Be the life of the party, laugh and be cheerful and look at the bright side in everything. Happy people always look attractive and they make everything around them come alive like a burst of fresh air. Be that happy attractive person and you’ll have potential mates lining up for your affection.

#8 Work your expressions

There’s nothing cuter and sexier than a hottie who knows how to be expressive in a confident and sexy manner.

#9 Learn to flirt

Knowing how to flirt can open a doorway of good times with the opposite sex. And if you club that art with figuring out how to look sexy, you’ve got a potent mix that would be irresistible to anyone.

When you look sexy, you can also come across as being intimidating and make the opposite sex nervous. But by being cheerful and happy, you’d also portray a warm and welcoming persona about yourself. You don’t really need to flirt outrageously or try to let someone know you’re interested in them. At times, all it takes is your happy personality, your flirty expressions and a perfect balance of blushes and teases.

#10 Feel like a sex god

To understand how to look sexy, you need to feel sexy and truly understand what sex appeal is all about. Don’t be prudish, instead dive into a few sex books and familiarize yourself with the good positions and the art of seduction. To feel sexy on the inside, you need to feel confident about your sex life

When you know you’re good in bed, you can’t help but feel confident about it. You may be happy with the missionary bang bang, but that doesn’t mean you shouldn’t know what could turn on the opposite sex better and what positions could be more exciting. Understand sex and what’s sexy, and you’ll really know how to look sexy, without even trying, of course!

Change your life using these ten simple steps on how to look sexy, and it would definitely bring you a lot of second glances and make a lot of hearts skip a beat.


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