Homecoming 1

Returning home after six years working in the UK and Europe, Lindsey Maris cooked dinner next evening for her parents (she’s a professional chef) and then sat by the telephone thinking who to call.

In the months before setting off overseas, she’d found Tony to be a stayer, Max was great at whispering sweet nothings as he pounded her, Trevor had been so neat and tidy that afterwards it had been difficult to find that he’d banged her, the Harrison twins Harold and Henry were a bit too much and then there was Stevie.

Yes, Stevie!

The responses to the calls were all rejections of sorts:

“I’m sorry Steven got married and now lives in Brisbane, dear. Oh, I do miss him,” said Steven’s mother bursting into tears.

“Oh, don’t you know, Trevor is now a priest.”

“The Mason’s don’t live here any longer. Their son Max is doing time for driving the getaway car in a stuffed-up bank robbery.”

“Oh darling. Tony has aids. Would you be kind enough to visit him.”

Lindsey couldn’t believe this. She’d expected to find it more difficult to find a good job than find someone to fuck in her old hometown. In desperation she’d tried the Harrison twins but they currently had a thing going with the Morrison twins Ann and Annie.

The first restaurant she phoned seeking an interview, hired her sight unseen, offering $15 bucks an hour more than she’d considered requesting. Philip the owner said he knew who Lindsey was and had tried to contact her in London when learning she was coming home.

Would you like to go to bed with me? Lindsey shouted silently as Philip said goodbye and cut the call.

That silent shouting made Lindsey sound either a promiscuous hottie or one of those unfortunates who only get lucky in the dark. She’s neither, just a 34-four-year-old who’s been used to a man in her bed and was very aware she’d not been shafted for almost three weeks.

Before departing the UK, she’d thought when arriving back home, the quickest way to settle back into Marsden City would be hook up with an old buddy and hopefully settle into joint accommodation with him; or as a last resort, with her.

Right, thought Lindsey intelligently, pull your reins in old girl. You rushing into this and it’s not working. Just stay home and be kind to mum and dad and something will come up.

“Cum up, I hope,” she giggled.

The attractive brunette with sloe eyes set in a pale face, bisected by wide mouth that seemed to fascinate some men, scratched an under bra-strap itch and thought she should get some info about Philip. Meg would know, and called her.

Meg and Lindsey screamed a dual greeting that neither considered it wasn’t necessary to try; tone of voice told it all, as they were adult voices.

“Yes, Pete’s almost two and Becca is due in three weeks.

“Don’t have kids, Lindsey. Your social life virtually ends when they arrive.”

That startled Lindsey, who’d always felt fussy Meg was born to be a mother.

With relief she heard Tom come to the phone and say, “Welcome home, Linnie. Don’t believe what’s she’s just said; it’s pre-birth pressures talking as she’s into late pregnancy again. She’s the greatest little mother in the whole world.”

Well, that was reassuring.


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Certified Web designer, Computer/Internet Enthusiast. I believe in Creativity. Proudly The CEO Of Primebaze.com.ng

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