Two Nights With Della 5

“Breasts or boobs please Charlie.”

“Oh, you’re one of these women who think only cows have tits?”

“Well now that you mention it that’s…” She stopped and sighed. “Tits is fine by me.”

“I tend not to use the word cunt.”

“Charlie when I said we were intimate I had not suggest we’d become that intimate.”

“That’s fine. You call the shots.”

God, country boy was beginning to sound sophisticated. What was happening here?

Charlie asked her to turn round.

She obliged and stayed back on.

“God, great ass. I could ejaculate just looking at it.”

“I-I’m off to run a bath and get ready. Six-thirty you said?”

“Yeah. Get into the water and then think about calling me to join you.”

After managing to negotiate to the bathroom in a half-daze, Della thought of little else. She could decide what to wear later.

Once in the water she decided for the third time not to invite him in but her mouth fell open and she called, “Charlie.”

Oh you whore, she cringed.

Charlie came in, already nude and dick swinging.

Della had already backed up to allow him to slip in facing her.

“Please move forward and I’ll climb in behind you as my sister taught me.”

“Your sister?” Della gurgled.

“Yeah, the younger one. The older one is a bit snooty about things like that. Didn’t your brothers teach you about sex?”

“My brothers?”

Della’s eyes rolled up but she steadied, sucking in extra air.

Charlie climbed in behind her, pushing her forward even more. He placed both hands under her ass cheeks and laid right back, lifting her back and then lowered her down clear of his groin. Placing his hands under her breasts he pulled her back on to him and kissed into the side of her neck.

Ohmigod, Della thought. He only needs to become erect and it will go straight into me.

“Is this what your sister taught you?”

“Yeah. It used to make mom mad when the noise drew her to the bathroom and she found us humping. But she’s a good sort. She never told dad or my other sister.

“Are you going to hump me now?”

“Nah I thought we’d leave that until we come home tonight. But we can do it now if that’s what you want.”

“No later is fine,” Della said, unsure whether or not to be relieved. “Aren’t you concerned having sex with me, a married woman, will be adultery?”

“Not really. You want sex from me so it’s my responsibility to oblige.”

Della began gasping like a fish out of water. Her head was spinning.

* * *

Entering their room when returning from dinner after the cocktail party Della said, “Charlie, are you quite sure you are prepare to sully yourself and commit adultery?”

“You’re hanging out for it Della. Of course I’ll fuck you. And it’s not my first time with a married woman. The last occasion was three months ago when I topped mom’s youngest sister Aunty Ada in an all-night session when Uncle Bert chose to go away on a gambling trip instead of being home for her birthday.” He added proudly, “Aunt Ada claimed it was her best birthday ever.”


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