New Year Resolution

Here we are welcoming a New Year and a new decade. Wow, 2020. I wonder if it will be as roaring as the last time we rolled through the Twenties. It was long before our time, but if you believe the newsreels, the ladies were as wild as they are today.

The holidays are just a memory now, a wonderful, sexy memory. They began with that wild Halloween mash-up where I was introduced to several lovely mature ladies, including Mistress Jill who rocked my world on Black Friday. I can’t wait to be dominated by her again.

I spent most of the Christmas season with my gal pal and soulmate, Catherine. We rang in the New Year much the same way we did last year. We stayed at the Apple Tree Hotel in San Luis Obispo, and were in the very same room, 217. Just like 2019, there was a bottle of chilled champagne and the second story view of the surrounding hillside was stunning. Stunning also describes Catherine and her five-foot-nine stature with Double-D breasts. Her areoles stretch four inches and are crimson red with thumb size nipples that are very sensitive. Her pussy, with the puffy outer lips, dark red labia and smooth Brazilian-waxed mound keeps my mouth watering.

Catherine loves giving blowjobs and likes to be on top, but her favorite position is doggy style. She tells me time after time that she loves my cum and can never get enough of it. Her sparkling blue eyes lights up every room she walks into. Catherine and I celebrate every New Year together. We ring out the old and ring in the new with my cock firmly planted within her pussy.

Last year on New Year’s morning we were joined by a sexy lady occupying the room next to ours. I believe her name was Rosalie. She knocked on our door just as Catherine and I were about to make love. What better way to get the new year off to a rousing start, than to enjoy a threesome with a couple of sexy ladies.

This year, like last year I fucked Catherine on the second story balcony watching the fireworks overhead. We continued to make our own fireworks in bed with Catherine bouncing up and down on my cock. It was the best way to welcome January 1st, our fourth New Year’s together.

Every new year begins with many resolutions about healthy living which includes better diet, more exercise, learning a new skill, starting a new hobby and more. I am pretty good at the exercise bit as I continue to enjoy 10K excursions with my walking club and ride my bike whenever the weather permits.

Living on the central coast of California affords us many days of mild temperatures, including today. This crisp January morning I ride along the Bob Jones bike trail, a scenic stretch that runs along the San Luis Obispo Creek to Avila Beach. I enjoy the bright sunshine.

From Avila Beach, I follow the Pacific Coast bike route alongside Highway 101 into San Luis Obispo. It’s a lengthy ride with some elevation, but I endure and find myself in downtown San Luis Obispo. I treat myself to a well-deserved break at the Firestone Grill restaurant on the Higuera Street, sipping a beer and watching the weekend crowd stroll by.

With my spirits renewed, I pedal through town to the main entrance of California Polytechnic State University, better known as Cal Poly. I ride down California Blvd. and pass by the sports fields where students are engaged in all types of athletic endeavors, from co-ed soccer and frisbee golf to power walking. There are plenty of bicyclists enjoying the sunny day.

As I pass by the Science building, I’m reminded that Catherine’s next-door neighbor, Samantha is an Associate Professor of Geology. Her Halloween bash was quite the blowout and I wonder if I’ll run into and of the party-goers on campus. As I ride by the Admissions office, I see a lady sitting on the steps by the main entrance enjoying the sun. I pass by and she waves. It dawns on me that two of the ladies at the Halloween party work in the Admissions Office. There was Jenny, dressed as a sexy Minnie Mouse with a low-cut top and huge tits. Her friend, Nicole came as a cat woman and wore a black bustier, cat ears and tail. Nicole was the life of the party because she had recently undergone a breast augmentation and was proudly displaying her E-cup boobs for everyone to sample. And, I was dressed as the Phantom of the Opera. It was quite a night.

Curiosity gets the best of me and I circle around to see if the woman sitting on the steps might know the ladies. I get closer and realize the lady has quite a generous rack herself. I get off my bike and approach the steps. The lady stands up and smiles. I’m momentarily stunned, it’s Nicole. She recognizes me at the same time.

“Oh my god, is that you Rob? It is Rob, right? From the Halloween party?”

“Yes, it’s me Nicole. What a terrific surprise. I saw you as I rode by and wondered if you might know Jenny and Nicole. I can’t believe it’s really you. What are you doing here on a Saturday?”


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Certified Web designer, Computer/Internet Enthusiast. I believe in Creativity. Proudly The CEO Of

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