The Black Revolution

“We refuse to believe that the bank of Justice is bankrupt, I have a dream that one day this nation will rise up and live out the true meaning of it’s Creed…”
These are extracts from the infamous speech
I Have a dream delivered by one of the greatest revolutionist of all time
Dr. Martin Luther King jnr
On the 28, of August 1963
And on 3rd April 1968 he made another controversial speech
“I Have Seen The Promise Land”.
Dr. King was a preacher who believed not only in a better America but a better world,
He despised segregation and injustice
And he championed so many peace walk against such
He kept on believing the black race would be accepted as equals and should I tell you how he died?
He was shot in the neck by a snipper while he was having a conversation with two of his friends on the 4th Of April 1968.
A Reverend, a man who so much preached peace and love faced death fiercely because he was not afraid to speak against RACISM
Just 10years ago we were very optimistic the world would soon be healed up from that stigma
Just 10years ago we watched a black man cruise in the Pinnacle of power in existence and we all were elated
Having to live in the promise land Rev.Dr. King prophesied about
And for the first time in a long time the black race came United in laughter and believe
Dr. King didn’t die in vain we thought
But today it’s very unfortunate we can’t say same,
RACISM has continued to thrive in the hearts of men like us who think
Blacks are a lower class of homosapien

RaACISM has Continued to gain life in the heart of white men
Who literally depends on blacks for survival in the fiercest of times.
Because we know resilence better and we’re not just more stronger, we’re more gifted too,
But they continue to discrimate, rule and now kill us
Not because they are better but because
We’ve failed ourselves
We’ve failed to build a lasting black society
We’ve failed to unite ourselves and build a fortress
We’ve failed to maximize our resources
Our leaders have failed us more ;since the wake of
Selfishness in the 15th century that subsequently led to the under-developing of the black race
Things have never remained same
We sold ourselves for cheap pieces of silver which we obviously regret
But yet selfishness still thrives here.
How do we win a battle when we’re fighting ourselves still
Black men are killing black men and then we want to stand up against white men for killing black men?
Let’s be realistic
Dr. Kings revolutionary only thrived because they were not only United by colour
They were United by deeds too
And not until the black race stands up and realise it’s actually the white race that need us for survival,
Not until the black race stops the discrimation and ill act against itself
Not until we stop exploiting each other
Not until we defeat our raging selfishness and do what’s right
We wouldn’t stand a chance in the quest for another phase of a revolution.







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