Hour’s Of Pleasure 12

I placed my self so that my mouth was near her wide open legs. I started to kiss her inner thighs and the licked, softly on her inner thighs.

Tara was getting wild with pleasure and she started to caress my head and pleaded, “Take that silly panty off. Fuck me. Please.”

Slowly, I changed my position such that I could catch the draw strings of two bow tie strings on either side of the triangular patch of cloth with my teeth. I kissed the skin just below the bow string and then held one end of the left hand side string and pulled it. The tightness of the strings made the triangular covering of her womanhood, shift, ever so slightly.

Tara was getting impatient and was about to shift the panty triangular patch with her own hands. I stopped her and said, “Tara. You are mine. You are my fucking sex slave. This pussy is mine. I will do what is to done. Just keep your hands above your head.”

Tara understood I meant what I said.

Then I kissed the skin just below the other bow string and then held one end of the right hand side string and pulled it. It opened in second.

Then with my tongue, I slowly shifted the patch right down. Since she had been made bald and cream had been applied in ample quantity, her pussy was smooth as silk, like a four year old girl.

As I shifted the triangular patch, the tongue ran touching the slit all the way down. As the tongue came near her clit, I changed position again and placed my self to be able to lift both her legs over my shoulders and then give her some special cunnilingus treatment.

I said, “Tara, I want you to open your pussy wide so that I can play with your clit till you become unconscious.”

Tara did not answer. She simply lifted her legs up into a squatting position with her ankles raised high in the air, took her palms from under her thighs and started to spread her pussy lips. Normally I am cautious that I do not hurt her. But she caught the two pussy lips between her forefinger and thumb and lifted then up and pulled them apart.

I started to lick her inner thighs and slowly proceeded towards her pussy.

Tara moaned and said, “Ravi. Please do what you did in the afternoon. It made me mad with pleasure. I could die for it. Eat my pussy. Bite it off.”

The more I licked and teased her pussy; Tara started to scream for more.

“Aaaaah. Hnnnnnn. Please lick there. There. To the left. Aaaaaaah.”

When I tried to part her knees more, Tara pleaded, “I will part my legs as much as you want, but play with my boobs. Squeeze them. Pinch them. Hurt me on my boobs. I am whore who wants to fuck more and more. More. Tear them off. Make me a woman.”

I slipped my hands from below and started to knead the boobs while swirling the tip of my tongue around her clit canal, always missing the centre of her clit.

Tara hissed, “Push your tongue inside me. Tear my pussy apart.”

I was by now flicking Tara’s clit head. Tara was screaming, “Ravi. Ravi. Ravi. Please. Awwwwww. Ooooooh. My God. This is heaven.”

Each time the tip of my tongue flicked her clit, Tara would scream my name, “Ravi. Awww. Hnnnn.”

Tara was turning her head from side to side and trying unsuccessfully to raise her hip higher.

Tara hissed, “I am coming. I am coming. Please go on. More. More. Flick it more.”

I started to flick her clit faster. Tara had one shuddering orgasm. Her pussy juices leapt out of her pussy and hit my face. Squirt after squirt.

After several minutes of violent twisting and turning, Tara calmed down and continued to breathe hard.

I left her boobs alone for a while. Tara had left her pussy lips alone.

As she recovered from her shattering orgasm, Tara suggested, “Ravi. Please sit on my face and make me eat your cock. I want you to rape my mouth.”

I understood that the woman in Tara had exploded and frustrating her would not be good for her or for me.

I got up and squatted near her face. Tara ordered, “Slap me. Punish me. Make me open my mouth and then force the cock in. make me suck it.:

She clamped her mouth shut. I tried to force her mouth open and tried to push the cock in between her lips. She fought back and tried to grab my balls.

I realized, the only way to make her open her mouth was to squeeze her boobs hard, so that she screams out with pain.

I grabbed her boobs and pinched her nipples hard. Tara screamed out, “Aaaaw.”


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Certified Web designer, Computer/Internet Enthusiast. I believe in Creativity. Proudly The CEO Of Primebaze.com.ng

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