With Dad’s Friend 8

The scent of sex wrapped around them. Filling the room creating a pocket of a world hidden from the outside. The pungent, musky scent activated a primal heat within them both that had Dominic ready to blow.

“Are you ready, Libby?” Dominic whispered. Libby’s nod was so hard Dominic couldn’t help but grin. “Are you on the pill? Do you want me to get a condom?” He was being so considerate even when Libby saw that he was close to bursting.

“I’m on the pill,” she rasped. “I can’t wait any longer.”

“I’m going to go slow, okay baby?”

Libby nodded eagerly again as she wrapped her arms around Dominic’s neck. Her body vibrated with anticipation. Her blood ran hot with lust. Every nerve was crying out for Dominic, her father’s hot friend, to relieve the tormenting ache that consumed her. She wanted him to shatter her virgin walls and make her a woman. She wanted him more than she ever wanted any guy before. She sensed that he had so much to teach her and she was willing to learn.

Dominic fisted his cock, pressing the fat red head at the young woman’s entrance. He teased her swollen clit, coating it in his ribbons of pre-cum. Libby moaned and undulated her hips, rubbing the wet tip against her melting slit. She was growing restless. She wanted Dominic inside her now!

“Such an impatient little girl,” Dominic teased pressing his cock at her wet hot entrance. He grew serious for a moment. “It will hurt a little at first.”

“I know,” Libby murmured throatily. “I’ll be fine. Just put it in me, please, Uncle Dominic.” Dominic growled low in his throat in pleasure at hearing the honorific. It was dirty and so hot for her to be calling him “Uncle”.

Dominic kissed her again and pushed his hips gently forward. His fat cock parted her saturated lips. The entry was easier with all the natural lubrication. The older man groaned. Her pussy was tight. Silky. Hot. It wrapped around him as he slowly pushed on. He was halfway in when Libby winced. Her vagina wasn’t used to something so big but she breathed deeply, trying to relax and allow Dominic to get all the way.

“You okay?” Dominic’s rough voice was tight with the effort not to force his cock inside the nubile sexy woman.

“Yes, yes, keep going,” Libby begged determined to take all of this sexy man. She wanted him to be proud of her. Dominic kissed her again, his tongue lapping at her upper lip then sucking on her lower lip while he allowed Libby to get used to him. He could feel her muscles fluttering about him, trying to accommodate him.

Libby had never felt so full. It felt different. Uncomfortable but after a while and with Dominic’s kisses her inner body adjusted to the older man’s girth. She reached down between them and rolled her fingers across her sensitive clit, slippery from her earlier orgasm. Then Dominic pulled back until only the leaking head was lodged inside her.

The older man watched Libby’s face as he gently rocked his hips. His cock got deeper within the hot velvet channel until he could feel her delicate fingers playing with her clit against his pubic bone. Dominic moaned. It was so erotic to watch this young girl blossom into a mature sensual woman before his eyes.

Now that she had taken him in, Dominic took the hand that was strumming her throbbing clit and placed it on his clenching buttocks. Libby felt the curve of his cheek, how it clenched with every thrust. It was as hard as marble. She didn’t think guys with salt and pepper hair like Dominic had such firm asses. Or maybe it was just Dominic.

Libby allowed Dominic all the control, content to lie and writhe beneath him. He pressed more of his hard body against her. His ragged breath in her ear gave Libby shivers. She kneaded his perfect ass then moved up to explore every twitching muscle along his strong back. His skin was hot to the touch and damp from the shower but the salty smell of sweat caught her attention.

Oh God! Dominic couldn’t believe how good Libby felt. He couldn’t remember being inside a pussy like this. Hers was so willing and greedy, trying to pull him deeper in while squeezing around him as he pulled back. Her velvet sheath was trying to milk him and it made his balls boil, draw tighter against the base of his cock. He couldn’t last much longer but he didn’t want to come yet. He wanted to luxuriate inside Libby just a little longer and he didn’t want to hurt her with savage thrusts.

Libby listened to her older lover’s breathing, how he panted and realized that while his breathing was tight and erratic his hips never sped out of control. He continued to give gentle measured thrusts for Libby’s sake.

“Oh Uncle Dominic,” Libby moaned in his ear, nibbling on his neck, feeling the tendons pulse. “You’re so good. So gentle. Please don’t stop.” She could feel her body growing taut like a bow. Every muscle throbbed and clenched as she approached nirvana. “It’s okay, baby… Give it to me hard, please, Uncle Dominic…”

That simple begging seemed to trigger Dominic who kicked it into high gear. His thrusts became faster, harder. Libby’s pussy was voluptuous like molten silk hugging his shaft as he stroked her every sensitive nerve. It only took a few strokes then the older man exploded. His whole body tensed. His balls emptied into Libby’s clenching sex that worked hard to milk him of every drop.

Libby was close to her own release. She took the initiative and started playing with her clit again. Rubbing it furiously while Dominic was still pulsating hard inside her. She was hit with a wave of white heat, her body riding that wave until she melted in the older man’s arms. Dominic collapsed on top of his charge savoring her warmth, her tight heat that hugged him so sweetly. Libby caressed her older lover. She ran her fingers through his damp hair, scratching lightly at his moist back. Dominic’s head rested between Libby’s satin mounds and he inhaled the sexy vanilla scent deeply.

“Oh God, Libby, thank you,” he groaned kissing the valley of her cleavage. He saw that her white lace bra snapped in the front. With reverence Dominic unsnapped the lace cups and began to massage the perfect luscious peaks. His calloused fingers brushed and rolled the rosy rigid nipples drawing out shuddering sighs from Libby who raked her fingers through his salt and pepper hair.


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