Chris Risky Business

As if Chris and I hadn’t done some risky shit before by messing around out in public while we were fishing it’s what happened one summer day that puts all the other risky shit to shame.

Chris had invited me to go swimming at his house something that’s happened dozens of times since their pool was installed. Most of the time we were in the pool Chris and I didn’t do anything but swim around and maybe toss a football back and forth for a few minutes. Sometimes one of us would float around on a pool tube while the other just swam around for a while. I was on the tube when I noticed Chris standing in the corner of the pool I knew he was up to no good but didn’t know exactly what at the moment. I would soon realize that he was jerking off. He still had his shorts fully covering his cock but was stroking it underwater.

I hopped off the tube and swam over to him and slid my hand into his shorts. I started stroking his cock for him while he reached into my shorts and started stroking mine. After only a few minutes we were startled my Chris’s mom coming out of the house. She had no idea what we were doing she was only coming out to get in the pool for a while. As she got closer Chris and I swam away from each other and I remember one of us picked up the football that was floating around on the surface of the water and we started tossing it back and forth again.

Roxanne, Chris’s Mom, walked up onto the deck and tossed in a pool lounge. The mesh kind with light blue styrophome arms complete with cup holders. She lowered herself back into the lounge and began floating around the pool.

It was a serious “La la la do dee do do.” situation for Chris and I. We thought we were busted for sure but I knew that if Roxanne had seen anything we would’ve known by now.

A little time went by and I could see that his Mom was sleeping so Chris and I swam back over to each other and started where we left off. We stood belly to belly reaching into each others shorts and stroking each others cocks. Both of us tried to keep a tab on Roxanne’s location in the pool but we were so into it at one point that we weren’t paying attention to where she was.

I remember turning and I saw Roxanne and her pool lounge floating only about five inches from where Chris and I were standing in the pool. Chris and I tried to remain as quiet and as still as we could and I watched as his Mom floated by. I had thought Chris’s Mom was attractive before but at this particular moment I found myself extremely turned on while I looked at her.

Roxanne kind of reminded me of the fitness guru Denise Austin as far as her looks went and seeing Roxanne in her tight dark blue one piece bathing suit really got me horny. It seemed to take forever for Roxanne to float by us on the lounge but I’m glad that it did take that long because I eyed her up the entire time.

I couldn’t make out any details but as she floated by us I stared down at her crotch and could see the hump that was Roxanne’s Pussy and as I kept eyeing her up I focused my eyes on her tits which were pushed flat by the tightness of her bathing suit. Once Roxanne had floated past us Chris and I silently went back to business. For the entire rest of the time Chris and I was stroking each other off I was fantasizing that it was Roxanne stroking my cock for me.

Chris came first and then I came a short time later and it couldn’t have been better timing because once I had cum Roxanne had climbed off of her pool lounge and climbed up the ladder to get out. As Roxanne walked across the deck and down the steps I continued eyeing her up. I now wanted to fuck Chris’s Mom.

When Chris and I were done swimming we got out and dried off before going into his basement to change into our regular clothes. After changing Chris and I walked down the alley way separating out two streets and we made our way to my house. During the walk I admitted to Chris that I wanted to fuck his Mom.

Well, as one could guess that didn’t sit very well with Chris. He didn’t get super pissed like I thought he’d might but he did tell me that that wasn’t cool for me to tell him that. Right after I told him I wanted to fuck his Mom Chris admitted to me that he wanted to fuck two of my older Sisters so it was only fair.


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