Every Other Wednesday (final episode)

“Oh my God,” she panted. “That feels amazing! Fuck!” He lowered the other strap, giving the other breast equal time as Dana frantically tried to undo David’s belt. That was no easy task with her head thrown back in ecstasy. Somehow, she managed to unfasten the belt and unzip his jeans. They, too, ended up in a pile on the floor. She cupped his balls and teased his cock through his boxers before sinking to her knees. Dana yanked his boxers down in one quick movement and swirled her tongue around his balls, taking great joy in hearing his ragged breathing. She licked him slowly from base to head and back again. Then with one hand wrapped around his base, she teased the head with her tongue, anxiously awaiting the drop of pre-cum. She lapped it up eagerly the instant it appeared. At last, she took the tip in her mouth and tightened her lips around it. His sharp intake of air left no doubt that he was enjoying the attention. She bobbed her head a few times before he grabbed her hand and pulled her to her feet.

“Your turn,” David said, gasping for air. He peeled the rest of the costume off her body, noticing how wet she was when he pulled off the thong. Holy shit! He backed her to the sofa where she sat down on the edge of the seat. David spread her legs and slid a finger along the folds of her pussy. So wet…

He slid a finger inside of her and teased her clit with his thumb. She immediately tensed her body from arousal. Eager to taste her, David hooked her legs over his shoulders and put his head between her legs. The musky scent of her juices heightened his attraction. As if he didn’t already have enough trouble keeping his dick in his pants when she was around… He licked the opening of her vagina, making her squirm. She put a hand on each side of his head, and guided him toward her clit. As soon as his tongue made contact with the tiny bud, she let out a quick scream. “Fuck, yeah!” She whimpered and squirmed as his tongue flickered around her clit and his fingers masterfully rubbed her g-spot. “I. Want you. To fuck me. David!” She somehow managed to get the words out between moans.

She stood up, pulled him to his feet, and jumped into his arms, wrapping her legs around his waist. He loved how light and tiny she was. Not only was he feeling adventurous, but he couldn’t wait another second to bury himself in her pussy. One arm held her close while the other guided his cock inside her. He pumped in and out a few times, and then backed her up against the wall to get deeper penetration.

“So fucking sexy, David!” she panted. “You feel so good! Holy fuck. Give it to me!” As he sped up his thrusts, she put her hand between them to rub her clit, heightening her pleasure. Their breathing eventually synchronized as they came closer to the edge. She sucked on his earlobe to keep from letting out a loud scream.

“Cum hard for me, girl!” David managed between breaths. He pumped his load inside of her as they collapsed from the mind-blowing orgasm. They stood against the wall in a tight embrace trying to catch their breath.

Dana glanced at her FitBit. “Shit! I’ve gotta go!”

David laughed as he released her. “You’re not going to your next house in that, are you?” he said, jerking his head toward the costume.

“Of course not!” He enjoyed watching her get dressed. “I’ve got a change of clothes in the car.”

“You can change here,” David offered, selfishly wanting to spend more time with her.

“Yeah…no. I think we both know how that’d turn out.” She winked as she pulled the coat around her and tied the belt.

Yeah, I’d fuck you ’til you could barely walk! “You’re probably right. AAA should be here soon to jump me, anyway.” He watched the sexy sway of Dana’s hips as she walked toward the door.

She turned and looked over her shoulder. “I’m pretty sure you’ve already been jumped,” she joked with an exaggerated wink. “Until next time, Mr. Michaels…” she smiled.

“It’s David. My dad’s Mr. Michaels.”


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