Every Other Wednesday 3

He heard Dana open the bathroom door and then scrub the toilet. It wasn’t a glamourous task, but still, he wished he could watch her do it. The bath tub was next. He imagined the view of her bent over as she scrubbed. Finally, she turned her attention to the vanity, spraying it with cleaner, and then wiping it down. She opened the door to the linen closet to grab a towel to dry the countertop, and gasped as her hand came to rest on a rock-hard cock. She cried out in surprise and pulled her hand back. David could see her face through the crack of the door. Her shocked expression slowly dissolved into a sly smile as she reached in and touched him tentatively. He sucked in a sharp breath of air as her fingertips slowly traced the head of his cock. This was so wrong. There are lines you just don’t cross, and yet he couldn’t bring himself to stop her.

Her touch felt so damn good, even better than he had imagined. She ran a finger slowly down his shaft to the base, and then gently cupped his balls. He wanted more than anything to scoop her up in his arms, take her to his bedroom, and explore every sexy inch of her body, but he knew he wouldn’t. What they were already doing was bad enough. She moved her finger back to the head, where she spread the drop of pre-cum. Dana licked her lips, as if anticipating the taste of him. David wasn’t sure which he wanted more, the feel of her mouth around him, or her to stop so her husband wouldn’t kill him. She turned her body so that she could use both hands. Dana kept the closet door closed as much as possible. Perhaps avoiding eye contact made it feel like less of a betrayal to her husband? She put both hands around him, and gently twisted in opposite directions. Holy fuck! David wasn’t normally a quiet lover, but somehow silence seemed in order. He held back a moan as she ran a hand firmly up and down his shaft, making him harder still. She worked him over well, twisting and sliding her hands, fondling his balls, and then coaxing him to climax. He stifled a primal growl of satisfaction as he came.

Without uttering a single word, Dana went to the sink, washed her hands, and left the room. David knew they could never speak of this, and it certainly couldn’t happen again. It was so wrong. It violated his moral code on so many levels…

He could hear Dana vacuuming as he washed up. As he dried his hands, he decided that he’d go out there and act like nothing happened; that was clearly what she wanted, judging from the mostly closed closet door and her silent exit.

“How are you doing today, Dana?” he asked awkwardly.

She wound the cord around the vacuum. “Great, thanks.” Neither made eye contact.

“Great shirt, by the way,” he smiled, nodding in her direction. “What do you like to read?” They had known each other for years, but never discussed their favorite authors.

“Mostly Stephen King. I like scary stuff,” she laughed. Like giving one of your clients a hand job when you’re happily married?

“Nice choice! I just finished reading his latest. I highly recommend it.” Their conversation was so forced and awkward. The hand job was amazing, but he already missed their easy banter.

Dana shoved her hands in the pockets of her jeans and shifted her weight nervously. “I should probably be going…”

He was crushed. They nearly always had long, funny conversations whenever they saw each other. Now it seemed like she couldn’t get away from him fast enough.

“Hang on…” David pulled out his wallet and handed her some cash. “Here,” he said, handing it to her.

She looked down at the money. “This is way too much,” she said, trying to hand a couple of the bills back to him.

“No, I insist,” he said, touching her hand.


“You went above and beyond today. The place looks great. Thank you.”

At last, they made eye contact and exchanged a knowing look. Dana folded the money and stuck it in her back pocket. “Thank you, Mr. Michaels.” There was a tinge of disappointment in her tone.

“It’s David. My dad is Mr. Michaels,” he grinned. “I thought we settled this years ago.”

“David it is!” She smiled and disappeared out the door without another word.

He wandered out to the kitchen as he replayed the hand job in his mind. The subtle smell of flowers intensified his recollection of the experience. Would Dana tell her husband? What would happen the next time they saw each other? Would things be awkward. Or would they be able to move past it?


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