Sexual Reawakening 2

I disposed of the wine as directed and headed to the patio to fire up the grill. As I was preparing the grill, I felt Casey come up behind me. She wrapped her arms around my chest and pressed her body against my back and my butt. It’s a good thing she was behind me or she would have felt my hardening cock as her nipples threatened to burn holes in my back. I could feel how toned her body was as she squeezed me tightly, “Thanks for the flowers. I know we are going to have a great time this evening.”

The dinner turned out to be fantastic. The food was delicious and the conversation was exciting. The wine added to the relaxing environment. Casey suggested that we take desert on the patio. She had some romantic music playing softly all evening during. As we walked into the patio, “Near You” by Francis Craig started up. “Oh I love this song. Will you dance with me?” She grabbed me by the hand and pulled me close to her body.

I was certain that she could feel my cock stirring in my pants. She almost whispered in my ear, “After Harry died, I couldn’t imagine sex with another person. Then on a business trip, an old friend showed me that life is for the living. I’d like to be that person for you…tonight.” I looked down at her as she looked up to me. Cautiously, I moved my face closer to hers. Then we were kissing. The kisses were very tentative, even gentle at first. I felt her mouth open so I opened mine, Our tongues began to dual.

Somewhere in this embrace, we stopped dancing. I was caressing Casey’s back. She began to unbutton my shirt. I felt her strong hands caressing my chest. I could feel the heat from her body.

“I have a treat for you, Jack”, she whispered in my ear as she opened my belt. “It’s my specialty.” As my pants dropped to the floor, Casey untied her skirt and guided me to the corner of the patio. She had a Massage table setup. She directed me to climb on the table and lay on my stomach. I felt her pour some warm oil on my back. She began to caress my back starting at the shoulders. She rubbed the oil lower and lower. When she got to my briefs, she slowly pulled them down below my ass.

“Help me take these off”, she asked as she pulled them toward my feet. I raised my hips and discreetly moved my cock out of the way. She pulled them all the way off and dropped them on a chair. Then she began to knead my ass. Again, I was impressed with the strength of her hands.

She massaged my thighs. Every so often I would feel her hands brush my balls. The sensation just made my cock harder. She proceeded down my legs all the way to my toes.

“Roll over. It’s time for the front.” As I flopped on my back, my cock stood straight up, swaying in the air. “Doesn’t it feel great to be touched?” She whispered. “I love being naked outdoors.” With that she pulled on the string holding her top in place. The top fell away revealing the treasures that I had been ogling all evening. Then she pulled the strings at each side of the bottom and it fell away. She was naked in the moonlight. What an exotic sight.

“Aren’t you concerned about being naked here on your patio?”

“It’s very private here. The only neighbor who can see us is that Peeping Jack who lives next door. I understand that he is occupied tonight.”

Casey returned her attention to my feet. She worked her way up my legs. Just before she would have gotten to my cock, she stopped. I opened my eyes to see what the delay was. Casey was holding a large bottle of something against her chest just above her right breast. As she squeezed it, oil poured down her body. She moved the bottle around so the oil covered both breasts .

Once she had her body all lubed up, she moved to the foot of the table and began to crawl up my body. As she did, she covered me with the same lube. She slid her body up and over my rock hard cock, pressing it back against my belly. When she reached my head, she took my face in her hands.

“I can feel how much you are enjoying this lesson.” She kissed me deeply. I responded by driving my tongue down her throat. Casey began sliding her body up and down mine. She was masturbating my cock with her oil slick body. The feeling was beyond wonderful.

“Oh Casey, I can’t take much more of this lesson. You’re going to make me cum.”

“You will cum soon lover, but not just yet.” With those words, she slid off my body. She positioned her body next to my cock and poured more oil all over it. She wrapped both hands around my now throbbing cock and began to stroke it slowly. “Mary told me that you had a nice cock, but her description…


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