Girls Night Out final episode

This man was raping you and you were enjoying it!! You knew that you should stop but you couldn’t stop yourself. In fact you could feel the heat building between your own legs. Pulling your head back he pulled your open mouth to his balls and let you gently lick and suck each ball. Then he pulled your mouth back to his cock and you hungrily engulfed it.

All you could think about was pleasing this man. Blind to sight and now blind to passion you licked and sucked while allowing him to control your movements. In one swift movement he picked you up and leaned you against the wall. Still holding tight with his fist full of hair he reached behind you with the other hand and unzipped your skirt. Your head was spinning out of control and you didn’t know whether you should cry out of fright or cry out of passion. 

The next thing you knew he was lifting you up and putting your legs on his hips. He drove his cock into you deep with the first thrust. He continued thrusting harder. By this time you were over the edge. All of your emotions came pouring out as you started to cum. Your body started to shiver as the intensity of your orgasms spread over you time and time again. He kept thrusting faster and with nearly every thrust the orgasm seemed to explode.

His fist clinched even tighter and his thrusts got more powerful and you could hear a low growl deep in his throat. One last thrust and his orgasm burst from his loins. In a couple of minutes he set you down on the ground and pulled something on your ropes and then just disappeared. You didn’t even hear him leave. You loosened your hands and then pulled your blindfold off.

It was dark but not as dark as behind the blindfold and it took your eyes a moment to adjust to the small amount of light. You staggered while getting up, not quite knowing what to do.  Your mind was still spinning from everything that had just happened. Picking up what was left of your blouse and then your skirt you walked to your car and was happy to find that your keys were still in the door and your purse was on the ground untouched.

You opened the door and got in. The leather seats were cool compared to your still warm and sweating body. You started the engine and started toward home. You could feel the vent blowing over your still naked skin and you could feel your nipples tighten a little.

You let your hands fall between your legs and you stroked the insides of your thighs feeling the mixture of your juices. Your clit was still very much aroused and it didn’t take much playing until you came again, although not as intensely as before. When you got home he met you at the door with a smile. “Hey Baby! Wow, from the looks of it you’ve had an eventful evening. Why don’t you come tell me about it? I’ve prepared a warm bubble bath for you.” With that he pulled you in close with a soft tight hug. That familiar masculine scent came back to you….


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