A Desperate Woman 9

My imagination is on fire with anticipation. I so look forward to commanding her to strip naked.

I have already anticipated removing my shoes and socks so I can feel her lips when she submissively kisses my hands and feet. I will especially enjoy the anticipation of extracting a full confession of her failings. And then I shall devise suitable punishments to fit her crimes. When I use the bamboo rod to punish her flesh, I secretly look forward to increasing the pain to the point where I can witness the silent tears running down her lovely cheeks. Once she shows complete remorse, I will use scented oils to massage the cruel marks of the cane that I have placed on her body.

I will kiss away her pain and shame. Then, I will boldly make love to her for as long as she requires. In this latter part, I will be conscious of being her servant and arousing her as she likes and as often as she likes until she is completely satiated.

I want to hear her purr like a smitten kitten. What a glorious assignment! I can’t wait to get started. Then I blurt out, “May I make a request of my sweet little slut?”  “Of course,” she replies, “you’re the Master, and I am your submissive slave.” [Yipes! This is the first time that she confirmed that she is MY sex slave.]

Then I command you to go into my bathroom and to quickly remove all your clothing and all of your jewelry. Then turn the light off in the bathroom. This will be my signal to enter. I intend to give my sweet little slut a long shower. This will allow me to touch and to enjoy all the delicious parts of you that I will be claiming and using as your Master.

When I finish cleaning and savoring your body, you can then do the same for me. Once we have dried each other off, we can jump into bed and use our body heat to warm each other until we are both ready for love-making. When the light goes off, I enter, and I turn on the electric heater. The cherry-red heating coils provide just enough illumination for me to see Rosie in all her glory.

Then it suddenly occurs to me that I want to touch and kiss her body before stepping into the shower. So I begin to use my hands to slowly explore all the parts of her body, beginning with her hair. This happens in complete silence. I kiss her eyes and used my tongue as well. It is then that I first notice the strong odor of sweat.

I lift her arms and take in the musty scent coming from her arm pits. She begins to lower her arms, but I gently and firmly resist her intentions. Then I kiss her a dozen times there and taste her with my tongue. I want her to know that no part of her body is off limits for me and that no odor of her body displeases me.

When I get around to her breasts, I lightly kiss each of her breasts and used my tongue and teeth to playfully tease each her nipples. The sex manual I had read said that doing this would increase the temperature of her breasts. I couldn’t detect this.

Nor did I sense that her nipples increased in size due to my delicious licking and sucking. She did, however, let out a few soft moans, and this was ample evidence that I had been teasing her nipples in just the way that satisfied her dark desires.  When I move down to her belly, I sit down on the toilet seat and nudged her forward so that I can easily and naturally bury my nose in her pussy. I hold this position and explore it for a long time.

Finally I insert the middle finger of my right hand ever so gently into the sweet valley that runs from her clit to her vaginal opening. Here I encounter the sweet, slippery juices that the sex manuals describe as the sure sign that my “sweet, little slut” is already thoroughly aroused. “Well and good,” I say quietly to her. Her body shivers spontaneously and she made soft sounds deep in her throat.


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