A Desperate Woman 8

All of this goes very smoothly until I ask her for an example of the most common failing that she confesses. “I can’t tell you, Master.

It just so awful.” Then I take on a mock seriousness: “You ungrateful slut. You strip yourself naked so that I may see and relish every part of you.

But now you refuse to let me see you naked when it comes to recounting your failings? How can I relish your sins and purge them if I don’t know what they are? Strip yourself of this false modesty! Let me see every damn part of you.” This does the trick. She responds with a grave countenance, “Oh, forgive me, Master.

I am your ungrateful slave. Of course I want to be entirely naked before you. Of course I want to allow you to see me and to relish me as I truly am. So I humbly confess before you that I have been sexually arousing myself without your permission.” Once she says this, she giggles like a naughty school girl, and I break out laughing.

Having passed over this risky boundary, she is relieved. In response, she spontaneously wraps her arms around my neck and kisses me repeatedly on every part of my face.

“Oh, my,” I say to her, “I very much look forward to prying out of you all the juicy details of your transgressions. Does your beloved husband use the cane if you hesitate too much in giving him the juicy details that he requires?” “You can bet he does, and he has other means as well,” she says in a soft voice.

[She is avoiding my eyes, so I don’t ask what these “other means” are because I want to retain the freedom to invent both pleasant and frightful way of getting her to make a full confession. The “carrot and the stick” need to be artfully used at my discretion.] Then, I look her straight in the eyes and whisper, “

Then I too shall relish using the bamboo cane to insure that you come clean and disclose ever agonizing detail of your sexual failings.”


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