A Desperate Woman 7

“Then he usually says, ‘I want to see your sassy. . . .’ Oh, I’m embarrassed, I can’t say it.” “Hey, Rosie, you’re just prepping me for a part that I have in your drama club. Just give me my lines, please.”

She laughs. “All right. Here goes!” She closes her eyes and imitates her husband’s commanding voice: “Get your sorry ass over here.

I want to see my sweet little slut in action. Start with your special strip tease—the one that makes my cock hard and hungry.” Again, I try these lines for myself and Rosie coaches me on how to get it exactly right. “What happens then?” “I do my strip-tease dance and then, when I am finally buck naked, I bow before my Master and tenderly kiss his feet and his hands, but I avoid looking into his eyes.” “Why so?” “This is a little game we play.

I am avoiding his eyes because I am ashamed. He notices it, and says teasingly, ‘So, my sweet little slut has been a bad girl?’ I answer in a trembling voice, ‘Yes, Master.’” At this point, she turns her body and faces me. I follow her lead. In a moment, we are sitting on the couch facing each other.

She has curled her legs under her and my long legs are softly bent and touching her sides. Now she begins touching me as she is talking. She touches my hands, my chest, and my face. All the time, her flashing eyes are alert and fixed on me. 

Then she explains how her Master tells her to go fetch the bamboo cane. She already knows that she must return with the cane held in her teeth, very much as when a dog returns a thrown stick to her Master.  She then illustrates how they playfully go through an interrogation.

“Truth and Consequences,” they call it. She is on her knees before him making a confession of her failings. He, in turn, will take each point in her confession and ask her for as few or as many details as pleases him. Then he assigns how he will use the bamboo to cleanse his sweet little slut of her “indiscretions.”

[This seems to me so undignified and masochistic. All my instincts rebel against this. I have to continually remind myself that they are adults and they have the right to work out their rites of intimacy as they see fit. Who am I to judge?]


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