A Desperate Woman 5

“Not so fast, buster,” she says with a grin. “I want you to think about my proposition for 24 hours and come forward with a firm ‘yes’ or ‘no.’ Then, if you’re ready to commit, I want you to audition for the lover’s role by joining me for a trial run in a hotel room that I will rent.

If all goes well—and I do believe at this point that you’re a perfect fit for what I need–you will get the part and we’ll totally exhaust each other physically, psychologically, and sexually in my bedroom for one to two hours every night for three solid months. How does that sound?”

“Perfect! So do I meet you here in this reading room at 9:30 tomorrow?” “Only if you’ve thought it over and come up with an enthusiastic ‘yes.’ If not, go about your life as if the last half-hour never happened. Don’t even show up. I don’t want to hear your explanations. It will just make me angry and disappointed.”

“O.K. All or nothing then.” And with that she reaches out, catches me in her arms, and gives me a loving kiss directly on the lips. “That’s my down payment, and here is a surprise gift for you.” She hands me a 6 x 9 envelope. “Open it after I leave.” And, with that, she disappears out the front door of the library.

I eagerly open the envelope after she left. Here is the picture it contained. On the back, she wrote, “In anticipation of our mutually enjoyable love making. Your virgin slut, Rosie.” Delighted by her picture and her words and the taste of her kiss, the grandfather clock in the library strikes the hour of ten.

The library is now closed. I gather my books and head for home. I take the long way passing along the street where the students from the Methodist seminary have their rooms. I thought I might catch a fleeting glimpse of my Rosie. But I am disappointed in this. I fall asleep relishing the prospect of making love to Rosie for the first time.

I am mildly disquieted by the fact that I have had very little experience with making love. But, hey, whatever happens, it’ll be an adventure that will allow me to stretch my own boundaries and to save a damsel in distress as well. The following day, I thought of Rosie nearly a hundred times. I imagined taking Rosie’s delicious body in my arms and arousing her in a hundred different ways. Sometimes I ravenously strip her of her clothes. . . .

At other times, I imagine how I will slowly remove her clothes and playfully kiss and nibble her body as I do so. . . .  In one of my reveries, her husband, aware of her insatiable sexual hunger, arranges to come home suddenly and unexpectedly.

This momentarily upsets me, but I quickly dismiss this sort of scenario as an unlikely possibility. After all, her husband would be preoccupied with the requirements of his new assignment. Thus this imagining seems too improbable to be significant. So I dismiss it quickly, maybe too quickly.


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