A Desperate Woman 4

“And how about that dear husband of yours? How much are you going to tell him?” Now my protective and cautionary side takes over. “Ah, careful, my dear friend,” she warns me, “These are things that I have to attend to in my way and in my time. He is my responsibility–not yours.”

“Hey, don’t get me wrong. I’m going to be absolutely discreet. No one will ever know or even suspect that there is anything going on between us.

In fact, I’d prefer never having to meet your husband. Who knows? I may be so free and easy with you in a few weeks as to draw suspicions from onlookers. With this in mind, I’d prefer never to meet any of your friends or even to be seen with you in public.”

“Good idea! I was going to get around to discussing that once you agree to be my lover.” “So I withdraw my question. Better not to tell me anything about when and how you intend to tell your husband.” 

“Just for your peace of mind,” she said with a wink, “my dear husband doesn’t want me ever to tell him the details of what I did with any of my past lovers. He says that he wants to always imagine me as his ‘virgin slut.’ Thus I am sure that he will be satisfied to know that I deliberately chose a lover that agreed to undress me as he likes to do, to use his love language, to imitate his ways of pleasuring me.”

“Well spoken! Your husband is your responsibility. I have no intention to ever meet him or even to learn how he responds to the idea that I acted as a sort of body double that steps in to do those steamy sex scenes that he was unable or unwilling to do himself.” “Huh! I like your metaphor. He is indisposed. I am going crazy by his absence.

So, you, as his body double step onto the set and do the steamy sex scenes in his place.” [Wow. She’s using my words as her words.] “Ah,” I affirm, “that gives me the peace of mind that I need. This is going to be easier and far more enjoyable than I could have anticipated.”


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