A Desperate Woman 10

It was then that I hear a gentle knocking at my bedroom door. I could not imagine who this might be.

After all, it is after ten, and my housemates know that I would already be in bed. But then the knocking was repeated—a little more insistent this time. I freeze.

“Expecting someone?” she whispers. “Hell no,” I respond. “Stay here. I’ve only just begun to give you the treatment that your sweet body so desires.

I’ll see who it is and quickly send them away.” So I grab my terry-cloth bathrobe that is on its usual hook behind the door and put it on effortlessly as I exit the shower room. Then the third set of knocks comes, louder this time, as I am poised to open my bedroom door. Rosie then roughly grabs my hand and noiselessly pulls me back into the shower room. I yield to her.

When we are safely inside, Rosie whispers in my ear, “No one is going to get between you and me this holy night. I’ve waited for this so long. Let’s go ahead with our shower and, whoever it is, will soon get discouraged and go away.”  Rosie then begins to plant her slippery kisses all over my face and neck. She then unties my bathrobe and slips it off my shoulders.

Even before it crumples to the floor, Rosie is already using her nails to scratch my chest. Then she artfully uses her lips and tongue to relieve the tingling sensation left behind by her nails. In the next moment, she is tracing her engorged nipples against my belly. Charlie (the affectionate name that I use for my penis) immediately snaps to attention. . . .

I overwhelmingly agree with my sweet little slut. No one is going to interrupt this holy night.


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