A Desperate Woman 3

“I need relief. [long pause] I need a guy willing to have wild sex for a few hours every night. He needn’t stay the whole night, but he has to be willing to stay with me until the edge of my sexual frenzy is worn down.

This worked for me during the two weeks that I was sleeping with my husband following our marriage. Hence, I have good reason to believe that it would work for me again, even with a complete stranger.

Then, I could get back to studying and working without being toppled over by waves of sexual frenzy throughout the day. “My husband tells me that, at bed time, he takes out the seductive pictures that I took of myself and, he talks to me and slowly masturbates and then falls asleep like a babe.

For me, however, this is clearly not enough.” At this point, I notice that, while Rosie was talking, she has taken one of my hands and that she is even now seductively rubbing my fingers.

I close my eyes for a few seconds, not in order to enjoy her touching, but to get focused on the terms of her daring proposition. Berkeley was a wild place in 1968 but, for the life of me, I would have never expected the raw honesty and utter vulnerability of this woman. “O.K.,” I whisper, “I fully appreciate that you are a brave and desperate woman and that you need me to be your ardent lover for a few hours every night.

But why me?” My last three words express my shock. “Well, to begin with, I watched you for ten minutes before I approached you. I liked the fact that you are tall, slim, and muscular—just like my husband.

Now that I’ve experienced the smooth techniques that you used to calm my fears, I’m even more assured that you’re the right one for me. You’re thoughtful, playful, and inventive.

These are all the traits that I love in my dear husband.” “What’s more,” I blurt out, “I enjoy role playing! You could coach me as to how your husband touches you, how he licks your body, how he arouses your desire. . . .”

My spontaneous enthusiasm for her proposal clearly shows itself. I am already fantasizing what the fulfillment of her proposal might entail.

“See,” she broke in, “you’re already pushing the envelope and my juices [Yes, she said “my juices”] are confirming that you’re the right one. I’m sure you’ll be able to take me to places that I’ve never been before.”


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