A Desperate Woman 2

After having her eyes closed for a full minute, she suddenly opens them and looks straight at me as she launched into her bizarre story: “My husband and I are both students preparing for ministry in the United Methodist Church. After a year of engagement, we were married two weeks and four days ago in the chapel here at the seminary.

This gave us two weeks of passionate sex to begin our lifelong adventure as a married couple. We had speculated that, after two weeks of unfettered love making, we would finally be physically and sexually exhausted and ready to get back to work. My partner then took a plane to Houston, Texas, where he will function as a ‘junior pastor’ in a UMC church there as part of his final preparation for ordination. I stayed behind here in Berkeley in order to complete my final year of studies prior to my own assignment as a junior pastor. “When I came back from leaving my husband at the airport, my body was racked by waves of sexual desire.

I tried watching a love story on Netflix, but this only increased the urgency of my passion. I tried masturbating in order to relieve my sexual addiction, but this was only partially effective. In the classroom, I find myself reliving the hot sex I had before my husband left. By the end of class, my panties are absolutely wet. I tried taking a cold shower, but even that was of no help

. I can’t study more than ten minutes without lapsing into sexual fantasies. “Every evening, around this time, my sexual appetites begin driving me insane. I changed my panties only twenty minutes ago; yet, they are already soaked. When I was drying myself, I noticed that my clitoris is enlarged and just the ordinary friction of walking a few blocks brings me to the edge of an orgasm

. “I have been racked with sexual fantasies at bedtime that keep me from going to sleep prior to midnight. Last night, I took two sleeping tablets before going to bed. I slept for a few hours, but then I was wide awake. I put on my running clothes and jogged for three miles. I thought that this would exhaust me.

But it didn’t. I found myself talking to a homeless guy in People’s Park. In ten minutes, we were touching each other. When we began kissing, however, his breath was so gross that I couldn’t go ahead. It was like licking the stale stench out of an old ashtray. I ran all the way home.


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