Explore Me Please

The wait only matters when the outcome is desirable. Do not make me, if you intend to fly away to another dimension.

Eat me, I say and not like yet other on screen presentation.

Mean it. Discover parts of me I showed you centuries ago. In some birth when we kissed for the first time. Make me thirst for you and quench in the same moment.

Our favorite window to lean down and crash. “You want coffee?” you say. All the steam inside me, emancipates.

Trickle down my veins. Right away. Run through them like you do — the papers all day.

Explore me, please. Please explore, me? And everything between us, stays. Your eyes. My dreams. Your wishes.

My cream. Lick is not my favorite word. A rhyme to it, is. While the world fantasizes travel, you be here.

I have a road map for you, tip to toe to titillate. Explore me, please. Please explore, me?


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