Best Vacation Ride 2

Katy said she was excited to get a drink once we arrived, her and her husband had fought just before they left and she was stressed. 

I asked her what she was going to order, which she replied a Spanish coffee.  As she was answering I felt her daughter Sandras hand slide up my thigh and grasp onto my cock. It caught me off guard completely.

As her hand sat on my erection it began to grow. Just as I felt it rise, Lana slid her hand inside my sweats and down to my balls. I glanced down and both still were acting asleep. 

My penis was throbbing, and I had no clue what to do. Do I stop them and tell their mother? Do I see where this goes? Katy was nearly inches away, but couldn’t see a thing, as her daughters were fondling me.

I was caught in quite the predicament. Lana began rubbing and cupping my balls. I hadn’t had any action in months and it felt amazing. She slide her fingers below my balls on my gouch. Sandra grasped my bulge and squeezed as she was slowly stroking my cock thru my sweats.

Both these young ladies were working my crotch like veterans. I felt them both slide their hands behind my back and pull themselves closer to me.  I looked up and Katy was oblivious, watching the road, while singing along. Logan was sound asleep with his head against the window.

I wondered if Logan would be getting the same treatment had he not been stingy and taken the from seat.


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