My Fulfilled Fantasy 14

It became almost a daily occurrence, Aaden and his buddies had clients that came to town, they always advertised Aile as their best white whore wife that fucked for them.

They told their clients that Aile went nuts when she sucked big black cocks, they were lying, I had seen her go bananas taking big black dicks down her throat. Aile tells the guys she’s sucking off, to give her every drop, she wants to suck they black cocks dry.

One Friday evening, almost dusk, I came home and Aile was not home, she later arrived in white SUV with beautiful wheels. I looked out through the window, I saw Aile with here miniskirt around her waist as she fucked the guy in the front seat, she was going wild bouncing up and down on his cock, moaning and screaming as she enjoyed his hard cock.

She went at for another five minutes, and the guy suddenly held her down hard and started dumping all his cum deep in her hot pussy, she remained on his cock as she gyrated her hips slowly against his cock. The back door opened and out came another tall muscular black man, he opened the front door and pulled her out, turned her around, leaned her over with her hands holding on the side of the SUV.

I quickly started videoing as the guy raised her skirt to her waist, he took the head of his cock and placed on her pussy, in three swift thrusts his huge cock disappeared in her pussy.

He withdrew his dick leaving his cock head in her pussy, and said, I HEAR YOU LIKE LOTS OF BLACK DICK, SHOW ME SLUT, GET ALL MY BLACK DICK UP THAT HOT CUNT, STUFF MY BIG BLACK DICK UP YOUR CUNT. Aile wasted no time she began backing up impaling her pussy with his huge cock.

He held her tight against his cock while saying, GRIND THAT PUSSY ON MY COCK WHORE, DO IT! It was such a hot sight watching Aile was moaning as she gyrated her hips up and down, then sideways. The guy said, YOU LOVE THAT BLACK DICK DON’T YOU WHORE! As she moaned, she said, ooooh yeees, I luuve black coock soo much, oooh fuuuck meee, fuuuck mee haaard.

The guys began fucking her hard outside where neighbors might be able to see her, I was so glad it was almost dark. The guy withdrew his cock and placed on her ass and started to drive in hard, Aile was no longer a stranger to big cocks in her ass so it was not hard to start driving his huge cock in her ass. Aile began moaning as he plowed hard deep in her ass. The he started alternating between her ass and pussy.

This guy was totally fucking the shit out of Aile’s hot cunt and ass. The guy grunted loud saying, I’M GONNA NUT BITCH, SUCK MY COCK WHORE, SWALLOW IT ALL. Aile quickly turned around squatted and inserted as much cock as she could in her mouth and started swallowing as much jism as she could, it was so fucking hot watching her go crazy and I had it all on video.


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